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Hottest Internet of Things (IoT) trends


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IoT is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the modern digital world. It is a concept of a network consisting of devices that are connected via the Internet. Given that even modern refrigerators and coffee makers can connect to the World Wide Web, IoT is an extensive network and a massive amount of data exchanged between devices connected to the Internet. Knowing about IoT trends can be very useful because everyone who uses the Internet is part of the Internet of things in one way or another.

How can the Internet of Things be useful for your company?

You may ask: why should my company and I delve into the topic of the Internet of Things? There is a whole list of reasons:

  • The first thing to know about IoT is that you can use the data exchanged by devices to benefit your company. Let’s look at a simple example. Imagine that you are the owner of a small shop in a shopping mall. You specialize in selling iPhone cases. You can set up Viber and SMS mailings to iPhone owners near your store at a specific time! If you scale it up, this — and not only this — can be done with the help of IoT.
  • Knowing about the latest trends in IoT will help you to set up advertising more efficiently and “keep up with the market,” no matter how hackneyed this phrase may seem to you. However, by knowing how to properly use the tools that the Internet of Things gives you, you can stay ahead of your competitors. Offer more relevant products, direct the development of your company in a more promising direction, more effectively analyze the behavior of your target audience and prevent numerous risks.
  • Why is it needed, and what exactly will it give? You will be able to automate several processes. For example, if you are engaged in trading or provide brokerage services to traders, you can use some IoT tools in your trading platform. The program will automatically analyze vast amounts of information. Thanks to this, traders using your services and software can conclude more profitable deals. Along with this, your profits will grow.

Good work with Internet of things trends opens many doors for your business. And if you want to develop and improve the results of companies, in one way or another, IoT will be helpful to you and will help you achieve your goals even faster.

What IOT trends should you know about?

One of the features of the Internet of Things is the constant exchange of data, so data security is a top priority in this area. After all, without guaranteed data security, this area could hardly develop at all. Therefore, one of the leading IoT trends in 2022 is to ensure data protection at the highest level. For this, different companies use different solutions. For example, Ericsson has its protection system, while some businesses prefer ready-made software solutions to ensure data security.


  • Augmented reality and virtual reality

AR and VR are undoubtedly one of the most IoT trends. These technologies have significant marketing potential. Augmented reality allows online sales to reach a new level. For example, a virtual catalog, the ability to “try on” clothes without leaving home or even check whether a new sofa will fit in the room, is now a reality. Augmented reality, to be more precise. Virtual reality is most often used to develop the latest computer games — but not only. Simulators for training military, doctors, and even airplane pilots, and much more — VR opens up such opportunities for humanity.


  • Internet of things in transportation

IoT technologies have proven themselves in this area as best as possible. Sometimes it is almost impossible to establish efficient transportation routes, determine the optimal amount of fuel and control all drivers manually. Therefore, IoT, in particular, artificial intelligence and process automation software, can help. Logistics business owners can track all goods from when they arrive at the warehouse until they reach their destination. Each item is assigned a unique number scanned at each route stage. Thus, the goods or parcel data is stored in a single system. You can even display this data in the application for your customers if you, for example, are engaged in private postal transportation. Your customers can know at any time where their shipment is and when they will receive it. Add a payment service to the application — and even pay for services online. This will significantly increase customer loyalty to your business, and your profits and transparency of operations will increase several times.


  • IoT in medical software products

The Internet of Things has intertwined with medicine and effectively performs its tasks. In particular, this became noticeable during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, IoT has become widespread in this area both before and now. For example, various health monitoring systems collect statistics and store this data in cloud environments. Your smartwatch counts your heart rate, monitors your activity, and awards you medals for sports achievements. This is all part of the Internet of Things. The same can be said about various medical equipment and artificial intelligence programs that facilitate the diagnosis of diseases and help collect statistical and other data on diseases and their course. 


  • 5G and high-speed Internet

5G is a technology of high-speed Internet connection. It significantly increases the speed of data exchange — and data exchange is the basis and basis of the Internet of Things. 5G opens access to information at a new level: faster and easier. Therefore, if you plan to use IoT in your work and your company actively, high-speed Internet should be one of the main priorities. It will allow you to process information more efficiently and reduce waiting time to a minimum.


  • Industrial Internet

This trend has emerged with the accelerating transformation of diverse businesses and the involvement of IoT tools in their work. More and more often, companies are using artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, and other latest solutions to improve the result of their companies and employees. In particular, the Internet of Things in manufacturing increases production volumes, automates processes, finds new effective solutions, and improves employees’ skills. For example, IoT allows training workers using wearable devices and AR and VR technologies. It also opens up a lot of other opportunities. 

How to implement IoT in software for your business, and who will help you do it?

Implementing Internet of things industry trends in your software will significantly speed up and simplify your work and allow you to be competitive in today’s market. This applies to many areas — from fintech, where process automation is a must, to small family businesses. Even small companies will benefit from working with the Internet of things’ latest trends because such companies should win over competitors not due to the number and variety of services and customers but due to the quality of services they provide.

Magnise can help you with this. We are engaged in software development from the idea formation stage to the product’s release into production. We can create software for you according to the latest development trends and implement the best IoT solutions. 

We offer you the following: 

  • Development of MVP — Minimum Viable Product, which will help to check how viable the idea is and highlight the main functions of the future software. You will also be able to test the software with a minimum set of tasks on real users and get the first feedback.
  • An independent team with experience working together will bring your idea to life and create software that will meet all the requirements of modern software.
  • We can also reconstruct your current software and adapt it to the requirements of modernity.
  • Professional expertise from our designers, developers, project managers, and testers. We will help you understand what should be improved and what should be abandoned.

This and much more are included in the list of Magnise services. Sign up for a consultation where we can discuss all the details. Our dedicated teams will be happy to get to work and implement the project in the shortest possible time.


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