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Outsourcing of software development


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Every business needs to develop its software to scale. This is the reality of modernity: if you are not digital, you are a few steps behind your competitors. 

However, not all companies want to hire a whole development team. After all, it is optional if you are not going to expand the software and create new software products constantly. Because after completing the development of your company’s leading software, team will most likely remain without permanent employment.

That is why there has been an increase in demand for software development outsourcing in the last few years.

What is software development outsourcing?

Everything becomes more apparent if you look at software development as a service you need to purchase. Many companies on the market offer software development outsourcing services.

It means that you can come to such a company with a request for the development of specific software rather than hire a team of developers, designers, copywriters, and other specialists on the staff. Such companies can work simultaneously with several customers and distribute projects between groups. Your task will be one of such projects.

What are the advantages of such development, and how does it work?

For your company, outsourcing software development has at least the following advantages: 

     1. You do not need to spend time finding and hiring suitable specialists.

Those engaged in recruiting developers and other IT specialists know that an excellent specialist is worth its weight in gold. Searching for worthy candidates takes quite a lot of time. Even more, time is needed for the newly formed team to learn to work together effectively and efficiently. By outsourcing the project, you save yourself the need to spend time on this and can immediately move on to developing the future product.

     2. Cost savings.

When you outsource software, development usually takes place quickly – you have at least approximate start and end dates for the project. Conditionally, in 3-6 months, you will have ready software, and you will not need to continue to pay the development team. Hiring such a team is more expensive in the long run because the specialists will remain in your company even after the active phase of work on the project is completed. Moreover, over time, they will need to raise the rate, which will also increase costs. 

     3. Reduction of risks.

Developers in an IT outsourcing company work with various tasks and actively follow the latest trends in the development world, constantly learning and solving non-standard tasks. This experience can help your company avoid the risks associated with choosing outdated solutions and irrelevant approaches to development. 

     4. Streamlined work process.

Most outsourcing developers work in one team for quite a long time. During this period, they manage to develop a transparent scheme of work. In particular, many work according to the SCRUM methodology, which helps to optimize the work and make it more transparent and systematic. For example, SCRUM work implies that large tasks should be divided into smaller tasks to make tracking the process easier and avoid bugs. This significantly increases the final efficiency and improves the result of the whole team’s work.

     5. No problems with motivation.

You may be surprised by this fact, but studies show that developers’ motivation level in outsourcing companies is much higher than that of developers who work in-house on one product for a long time. Most likely, this is because during outsourcing development, a person more often “changes the picture” and does not have time to get bored with a particular project. One way or another, your company will only benefit from this. After all, a motivated developer equals a more effective developer.

     6. Balance of control and freedom of decisions.

You will still be the final (i.e., the main) link in making important decisions about the product, but you will only have to follow some steps of the software implementation team. Thanks to this, you will have more time for other work tasks, and the development team will have more opportunities. Thus, you will speed up the work process and make it as comfortable as possible for both parties of cooperation.

But having decided to outsource software development, you will realize that the advantages of outsourcing software development are much more. 

Working with outsourced developers can be even more convenient than working with an in-house team. Usually, when a company takes on a project, you agree not only on your requirements for the future program but also on the time the team will work and be in touch with you. Also, you will in no way be excluded from the process, and we will agree with you on the decisions that the team will implement in the software. 

However, it would be best if you also understood that the team working on the software has extensive experience and expertise in the issues for which they are responsible. The ideal cooperation will be achieved if there is a high level of trust and independence between you and those who will perform your tasks. 

What are the development outsourcing trends in 2022-2023?

Before giving IT projects for outsourcing, you should understand what criteria software must meet to be considered modern. In particular, knowledge of the latest trends in development outsourcing will help to understand this:

  • Using the latest technologies and the most modern and even experimental practices. You should constantly implement new solutions and not be afraid to be a pioneer.
  • Automation and artificial intelligence. By automating a particular part of the work and shifting some of the functions to the responsibility of artificial intelligence, you can significantly speed up the work of future software.
  • Cloud technologies and the Internet of things. You can upload customer data, analytics, and other information to the cloud. You no longer need to store all the data on a physical computer in the pantry in your office.

And many other trends. An experienced outsourcing developer will follow the trends and implement them while developing a software product for your company.

Who should you entrust software development to on outsourcing?

You should choose a contractor carefully. After all, it depends on your choice and how satisfied you will be with the final result of cooperation. Therefore, take a responsible attitude to this issue. 

If you need to outsource an IT project, contact Magnise. We have extensive software development experience for various businesses’ needs and have been providing services as an outsourcing company for many years. 

Our developers use leading technologies and are constantly learning. We can develop design, identity, write texts, work out the code and qualitatively test the software. We can offer you development in different programming languages and frameworks. You can also entrust us to work on the project from the stage of the first drafts to the final release of the finished software product. 

If you entrust us with dev outsourcing, we will work with you to choose the best solutions for your application. Also, our team can create MVP – Minimum Viable Product, which will help to identify weaknesses and get feedback from real users in the early stages of product development.

Sign up for a consultation with our specialists to discuss your project and the best development options. We will be happy to answer all your questions!


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