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Custom CRM Development: How to Build CRM For Your Business?


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Every developing company, at some point, faces the fact that it needs to be digitalized. This is the time requirement: a business that does not have its website, application, or other software, significantly loses to companies that have it. Digital tools significantly speed up and improve the work with clients – both the part that customers see and the part that is known only within the company. Therefore, you may need CRM — Customer Relationship Management.

Online CRM software will help you improve your work on many levels. First, you will optimize the work with data and will be able to speed it up at times. You can also automate a significant part of the processes, reduce the workload on employees and even reduce their number. Also, CRM allows you to make the functions in the company more mesh and shameful, and the effectiveness of the work is higher. It is a tool that will become indispensable for the effective work of a modern company.

There are two main types of such systems: ready-made CRM, which you buy as accounting programs or others, and custom CRM, which is developed specifically for the needs of your company. We will talk about the advantages of custom CRM development in this article.

What Are The Advantages of Custom CRM?

Let’s start with the first and most apparent advantage of CRM customization: everything will be developed for you and about you in this system. That is, unlike commercially available solutions, such a system will contain only those functions necessary for your company’s work.

If we talk about it more broadly, you will get the following advantages of custom CRM:

1. Lack of unnecessary functions.

In practice, our CRM developers have repeatedly faced the fact that massively available solutions, although widespread and not wrong in themselves, have a lot of unnecessary features. Every business is unique and has its own needs. A standardized list of elements in the software leads to the fact that you may lack some features, but you will have features you do not use. Custom software development will save you from becoming unfocused.

2. The program will have everything you need.

This is the flip side of the previous point. Despite the extensive list of features, mass solutions may not consider any special needs of your company. Having decided to build CRM for your company, you can determine the exact list of software features you need.

3. Multi-level optimization.

What does customize CRM software mean? It’s simple: you can decide everything from where and how to store data to how the interface will look. Would you like the software to be in your brand colors? Or do you need to collect more customer data due to the specifics of your business? All this will be possible if you order individual software development.

4. The ability to quickly expand and make changes.

This is one of the main advantages of custom CRM development. Even if certain functions were laid in the system at the beginning of the development or use of the software, CRM should still be able to live all the time with this specific list. You can refine and expand the system’s capabilities as much as you need. After all, business tends to develop, open new directions, and improve current processes. For this, you will need the ability to add something new to the software easily.

5. Saving money.

You may be surprised, but the cost of a CRM developed specifically for you will often be lower than the cost of commonly used software. In particular, this is because commercially available CRM only sometimes covers all business needs. You would have to combine different software and spend more money on it. In addition, usually, such services work on a subscription basis. That is, you would have to spend a certain amount every month or year to renew your license to use the software. In the case of custom software, you will need to pay only once for the development and possibly later — for the expansion of functions, if necessary.

How to Build a CRM For Your Company

When planning the development of CRM online software, it is essential to know what must be taken into account in creating such a CRM. There are primary areas of responsibility that CRM should cover:

  • The part of the software responsible for this area of your business should be able to help your sales team. In particular, it should contain centralized sales data, automate sales workflows and manage team working hours.
  • Customer service. This part of CRM should be responsible for the customer knowledge base, help organize the work of your customer support team, store cases and automate notifications about a successfully solved problem — and many other functions.
  • Your portals. In particular, you can manage the company’s website and the data displayed on it through CRM. If you collect leads from the pages of the site or application, this can also include work with incoming applications.
  • Payment system. Although you often have to involve third-party services from the bank for direct payments, on the side of your company remains a lot of all. For example, you have to handle the organization of tariffs, determining the periods of debiting funds, storing data on customer accounts, and other essential aspects of customer pay for your services.

This and much more are indispensable components of CRM for your business. With custom development, they can be easily implemented into the body of the software so that you and your employees can use them conveniently. Also, remember about unique features, the necessity of which may be caused by the peculiarities of your field of activity.

Custom CRM From Magnise: Reasons to Contact Us

A CRM development company can help you develop the perfect system for your company. We suggest you contact Magnise, because we have extensive experience developing CRM and Project Management & B2B Collaboration System for different businesses’ needs.

We offer:

  • A well-coordinated team, including developers, designers, project managers, and other specialists, is necessary to create high-quality software for you.
  • The most modern solutions and compliance with the trends of modern development.
  • Personalized approach. We will develop a CRM specifically for your company’s needs and consider everything to the smallest detail.
  • High speed of work and systematic approach. We believe the work should be done efficiently, quickly, and structured.

Sign up for a consultation to learn more and discuss possible ways of software development for your company. We will be happy to talk to you, and together we will find the best solutions that will help you work easier and more efficiently!


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