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We offer you the services of a dedicated software development team that will bring your ideas to life and turn them into working software for your business. Hire dedicated developers for development, implementation, testing, release, and post-release support!

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What is a dedicated development team?

This team will work on your project, take into account all your wishes and offer the most modern solutions to ensure that the implemented software meets your company's needs.


  • Specialists of different specialties are involved at the appropriate stages of development.
  • The team is located in our office or works remotely but is fully subordinate to you while working on the project for your company.
  • You do not need to provide developers and employees with computers and office equipment.
  • Communication with the team and project managers will be convenient for you and in a messenger you choose. You can always schedule a zoom-call to discuss your wishes or comments with the team.
What type of team to choose?
At our company, we offer a variety of dedicated software development teams to suit your needs. Choose from our Reinforcement, Autonomous, or DevOps teams, each with its unique set of skills and expertise. Let us help you find the perfect team to bring your software development project to life.
Types of software development teams:

"Reinforcement" team.

You can ask us for several specialists who will strengthen your in-house team during the active phase of the project. Why is it convenient and useful? Because you will not need to search for each specialist, and also because our employees will be able to speed up and optimize the development process and bring additional expertise and outside view.

Autonomous team

Do you not have your developers and other specialists to work on software, but you need to develop a software product for your company? We can provide you with a fully staffed team depending on the specific needs of your business. Team members will work on your project from scratch until it is released into production and, if necessary, provide post-release support.

DevOps team

These are particular specialists who improve the development process, interact between developers and technical management and find the necessary solutions in stalemate situations. This bridge between the development and operation departments is extremely necessary, especially if your software is growing rapidly and begins to acquire new features and capabilities.

You can hire from us

Magnise's dedicated project team can include different specialists depending on your company's specific needs.

We can form a team of the following specialists:

  • Mobile development: Android and iOS developers, Flutter developers
  • Backend development: .net, NodeJS, Python, and Java developers
  • Front-end development: Angular, React, and Vue.js developers
  • DevOps and QA: DevOps specialists, QA specialists
  • Design: UI/UX designers
How to hire a dedicated team from Magnise?

We will select specialists for your specific needs.

To do this, we need to:

  • Find out the needs your business faces in a consultation. Leave us the details, and we will call you back to discuss everything.
  • We will start looking for specialists. The team’s core will consist of our experienced employees, but for particular tasks, we can find specialists specifically for your project.
  • We will form a team of dedicated offshore developers for your company’s needs, and you can start working.

What is unique about dedicated teams from Magnise?

  • A high level of professionalism of each team member is a top priority. We choose all our employees very carefully, so you can be sure of the quality of the work we do.
  • We use our clients’ time effectively. Deadlines for us are one of the most important words in our work. We value your time and will do all the work on time.
  • We work with NDA, so your data will be safe. We strictly ensure that the details of your projects remain confidential.
  • We are not cheap. Quality service cannot cost a penny. But for the price we quote, we do our best. So you will always know what you are paying for and see that your investment is justified.

Benefits Of Building A Dedicated Software Development Team With Magnise

Flexible team sizing

We build and host clients’ dedicated development teams, which can be any size from 1 to 100 experts. Our model is time and materials.

Cost efficiency

We take care of:

  • recruiting costs
  • operational overhead
  • employee benefits, including vacation and sick pay
  • extra office space costs
  • additional hardware/software costs

Skills and expertise

Through managing offshore development teams you will benefit from niche skills and extensive experience in the latest technologies. Our Remote Software Developers have deep expertise in IoT, AR .net, java, node.js, c++, mobile (swift, kotlin), frontend (angular, react, vue.js), php (larvel, zend, symphony) and much more.

Long-term partnership

Providing first-rate software development experience and consulting services is our core service offering. We build strong relationships that see us in partnership with clients for decades.

Deliver projects on time

No missed deadlines. Our experts have exceptional developers team management skills to coordinate a project and collate the best resources to finish the project on time.

Post delivery maintenance and support

Your team is always ready to provide you with post-delivery support: manage incidents, help with configuration updates.

Technologies we use


Trusted By

Working for NASA, a Magnise software development team made a great effort to create a high-performance charting component for real-time displays.

A dedicated Magnise team worked on the creation of the Trading Network Platform (SMART TRADER) connecting all Trading Systems & Indicators.

Agena Trader

Magnise Team contributed to the development of Agena Trader - Trading Platform supporting highly professional traders.

How It Works?

We set up your
software development team

  • Analyze your company’s software development practices and specific process requirements
  • Core team on-boarding

We integrate the team
with your site

  • Building infrastructure
  • Establishing operational and development practices
  • Efficient remote cooperation model development

We take care
of administration

We take care of operations, staff planing, hardware, software, the working environment, and everything else.

You have full control
over the development process

Your dedicated Development team is like an in-house one. You can expect a daily interaction with your software development team, as well as weekly and monthly reports.

Set up a dedicated software development team in weeks and start working on a new project, or integrate new resources to support your in-house team.

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There are several criteria to determine this:

  • Your team needs developers, but you don’t see the point in hiring full-time employees.
  • You are not sure how long the project will last.
  • You need to start working on development quickly.
  • You would like to have maximum contact with the team but not deal with organizational issues

A dedicated software development team combines all these features and benefits. In addition, you can always consult with us to find out which format of cooperation is ideal for your case.

  • The team works as a single organism and has clearly defined processes. This positively affects the efficiency and speed of work and prevents conflicts within the team.
  • Usually, only highly qualified employees with significant experience work in such teams. That means you can rest assured that the project will be developed exactly as you want.
  • You have a high level of control and do not spend extra time on organizational issues. That is, the team works independently and independently but reports directly to you.
  • Usually, a dedicated team can handle more complex and atypical cases than just outsourced teams. At the same time, all team members will be aware of the specifics of your project because they will work only on it.
  • The team will work remotely, and you won’t need to provide them with an office.

You will experience these and many other benefits if you order dedicated team services from Magnise.

It all depends on the specific case, but if you contact us, you can expect that all issues will be resolved as quickly as possible, and the team will be able to start working almost immediately. Consult with our manager, and we can start the cooperation process in a few days.

This process is similar to working with any contractor. The only polite difference is that a dedicated software development team usually works exclusively on your project, which means they will be highly involved in your company’s processes. You will need to provide the necessary information to the team so that they can create software that meets your needs.
The development will consist of several stages:

  • Getting to know the project and creating a roadmap.
  • Work on design and engineering.
  • Testing and edits in the project.
  • MVP development and first feedback from real users.
  • Optimization of existing features and development of additional functionality.
  • Testing and fixing bugs.
  • Launching the product.

The timeframe depends solely on what kind of software you need and how complex logic developers and other team members must deal with. Your involvement will be required to make critical decisions, as you will be the customer and the leading manager. This will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of the project without spending too much of your time on it.

The cost depends on the specific project.
The following factors influence the final price of services:

  • The number of team members.
  • The pool of tasks to be completed.
  • Development timeframe.
  • Special technologies.

Die Kosten hängen vom konkreten Projekt ab.
Die folgenden Faktoren beeinflussen den Endpreis der Dienstleistungen:

  • Die Anzahl der Teammitglieder.
  • Der Pool der zu erledigenden Aufgaben.
  • Entwicklungszeitraum.
  • Spezielle Technologien.

When we talk about special technologies, we mean the most complex technologies requiring a separate specialist with the appropriate experience. This can lead to a specific increase in the cost of services.

However, Magnise always goes the extra mile to meet our client’s needs. We can confidently negotiate the most favorable and convenient terms for both parties!

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