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What is the Role of a Software Development Team?


#Dedicated Development Team

Are you wondering how to move your business to digital? Any company that handles finances, sells things, communicates with customers, and performs other tasks should have its digital tool. It will speed up customer communication, increase your profits, and make you more modern. But where do you start?

The software development team should be your first consideration when deciding to create software for your business. The specialists will deal with development, marketing, design, and other stages of product creation and good team is your key to success.

What characterizes a successful team? First of all, the results of the work. A team that has well-established processes can guarantee that all work will be completed on time. Also, the character qualities of the individuals in an effective team complement each other and allow us to find the most beneficial solutions for the product.

In a bad team, on the contrary, you will see that process participants cannot reach a consensus, deadlines are constantly shifting, and the final quality of software suffers from internal team problems. This is why it is so essential to hire a software development team responsibly.

Two Types of Approaches to Working on a Product

There are various methods for developing software and assembling a team to work on it. The route to a job can be divided into two categories:

1. Traditional development team.

The traditional model is one in which there is a clear hierarchy within the team. It has managers, supervisors, and, conventionally – subordinates who perform the assigned tasks. In such a team, it is easier to keep track of some performance indicators, and the work process is built to some extent more consistently. However, traditional development teams have problems with motivation and self-control. If the manager cannot cover all the participants of the process with his attention, there is a risk that the work process will slow down.

2. Scrum teams.

Scrum is a teamwork methodology in which all process members are equal. All members are equally important, although they perform different functions. This approach to work was first mentioned in 1986. In the methodology, all team members have their roles, and work on the project is divided into sprints of 2-4 weeks.

The advantage of scrum teams is the high level of self-organization of each process member. In a properly structured process, each team member is on their tasks and takes care of their workflow. The disadvantages of the scrum methodology include a large number of team meetings that are aimed at building the process. 

What Kind of Specialists to Hire?

When hiring a dedicated software development team, you will need these specialists:

  • Developers.

People who write the code are the project’s primary “workforce.” That is, developers are the ones who implement the functions and features invented by others in the process. They will ensure that your ideas go from the world of ideas to the real world.

  • Designers.

Depending on the product you are developing, the software development team roles must include graphic or UI/UX designers. These designers will be responsible for the appearance of your product and will work to ensure that the user flow of the project will be optimized to the needs of your future users. Often it is one person who combines several functions.

  • Analysts. 

Often the analyst position is not the primary one, but we believe that an analyst can make the work of others involved in the process much easier. Depending on their particular specialization, analysts not only work with user tests and competitor analysis but also set specific tasks for the development team, work out data processing paths, and perform other functions.

  • Project manager.

A project manager is a person who will manage the software development team, set the development path, work with a roadmap, prioritize tasks and become a conduit between business representatives and the development team. And in traditional development teams, the project manager is like a manager. In scrum teams, he shares equal participation in the process with the team and assumes some administrative duties.

  • Testers.

When considering roles in software development teams, it is essential not to forget the importance of product testing. A tester is a person who will be the first after the developers to interact with each implemented feature. His task is to ensure that the software works as intended and that there are no bugs and failures in its work. If the tester finds problems, he sends the software to the developers for improvement. Most often, testing has some stages. Each feature is tested separately at first as it is developed, but before the software’s final release in production, the product is also tested as a whole.

  • Copywriters.

No matter how you look at it, this role in software development is also significant. Each interface has a text part, naming a button or a text description of the section. People read most of the information in text format, and it is the text – the conductor between the dry functions of the software and users. The copywriter’s task is to clarify all the values and features to users.

  • Scrum Master.

If your team works on the scrum methodology, you will need a scrum master. This person is required to facilitate and establish processes within the team. With his help, mutual understanding is achieved, and quarrels and “slippery moments” within the team are eliminated. Also, the scrum master can keep track of software development team roles and responsibilities and is responsible for ensuring that everyone involved in the process fulfills their obligations. 

What Kind of Risks Can You Face?

When considering different teams in software development, businesses always have a choice: to build a team from scratch or hire a contractor ready to provide a team for your project development.

In both cases, there are several risks. For instance, finding new employees is a time-consuming, expensive procedure. If you need to develop conventionally one mobile app or one simple website, it doesn’t always make sense. If you hire a contractor, you immediately face the question of how to manage a software development team

The main recommendation, in this case, is to analyze your tasks, capabilities, and business peculiarities. This will help you make the best decision and decide whether you want to hire a whole team or limit yourself to contractors.

Also, keep in mind that in this article, we named the main directions and positions in the development team. Take into account the existence of different programming languages, which are chosen depending on the type of software and the tasks it sets for itself. However, for example, developers come in different types. Frontend developers will be responsible for the external mapping of the software, while backend development aims to do the software work “under the hood.”

There are also product designers who are in charge of the branding, aesthetic aspect, and usability of the software rather than individual components of the project. And, of course, other team members will help you create your product. 

Creating software is complex and multi-step. To ensure everything goes well and the product comes out exactly the way you need it, be careful in selecting literally every team member that will do the development. Understanding this will help you more easily determine which team is right for you and which is not.

Where to Find a Team for Your Development?

If you have settled on hiring a contractor and are looking for a company ready to provide you with a cohesive and experienced agile team, look at Magnise. We offer development services for various software. We have many years of experience and are ready to provide several solutions for your tasks.

Our experts will ensure that the software for your business completely meets and even surpasses your expectations! To meet with one of our representatives, make an appointment. You will be able to determine whether the Magnise team meets your needs throughout the conversation.

The role of the team you choose for software development cannot be overestimated. It’s the team as a whole and each team member individually that determines how quickly, efficiently, and in line with your expectations the product you have in mind will be implemented. That’s why we at Magnise hire only the best and focus on building strong and cohesive teams. Therefore, if you contact us, you can be 100% sure of a successful result. 

We are waiting for you at the consultation to see all of the above for yourself. We will be glad if you choose our company for software development.


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