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Dedicated Software Development Team: How to Hire


#Dedicated Development Team

Hiring professional developers who can implement your business vision into a successful project is not as easy as it seems. Many business owners face the dilemma of employing software developers internally or hiring a dedicated team.

In this article, we will look at a dedicated software development team and how to hire a dedicated team to streamline your project.

 A dedicated development team is an outsourced team of professional developers who work on a specific project or task. The team of developers works remotely, often offshore, meaning the actual team is based in another country or even region. Hiring a dedicated team implies that all team members engaged in the project work exclusively for the project for as long as this is required and mutually agreed between the client and the service provider. The duration of such projects varies but mainly suggests long-term cooperation. 

 The reason why hiring a dedicated team has become so popular is that it is an excellent alternative to having in-house developers who are capable of working autonomously. This, in its turn, has several benefits. 

Businesses are very much costs aware these days. They are looking for cost-effective, reasonable ways of reducing their costs without compromising the quality of their products or services.

 Hiring a dedicated team suits businesses of all sizes and works equally well for smaller companies as well as larger companies. Smaller companies can significantly save on costs associated with staff employment by choosing to outsource a dedicated team. Larger businesses can launch their products and services much faster, generating more profit from a shorter time to market. 

 The size of a dedicated team varies and can be as small as a couple of team members or include dozens of development professionals of various calibers, depending on the project’s scope. Based on the client requirements, the number of dedicated team members can be reduced or increased, if needed, offering great flexibility for scaling up or down both project and team wise.

 Commonly, a standard dedicated software development team will include:

– A Project Manager

– A Business Analyst

– Designers

– Developers

– QA specialists

 If the project requirements are still at their shaping stage, but the client wants to start as soon as possible, a dedicated team will be able to respond to changing requirements as they go giving great flexibility and uninterrupted workflow.

The beauty of a dedicated development team is that it is a made-to-measure unit. You will hire the exact set of professionals required to achieve your project objectives. You will also hire them for the exact duration of your project based on the number of hours needed for each specific task. On top of that, you will be able to select the best candidates among available specialists whose expertise and experience are an excellent fit for your project. 

 To summarise, hiring a dedicated software development team enables you to: 

– Cut costs

– Have a shorter time to market

– Have flexibility for scaling up and down 

– Adjust to changing project requirements

– Have a team tailored to project needs

– Pay for the exact person-hour

– Choose the best candidates among the vast pool of developers.

 Now how do you actually hire a dedicated software development team?

 Before you begin your research, it is very important to know your project goals, set up precise requirements, know your budget, and have an idea of the outcome you want to achieve.

 Then do your research. There are plenty of software development companies out there. Selecting the right one though is a matter of knowing the key indicators that will highlight the company’s professional eligibility. Here are some of the important ones:

  • Company’s portfolio – is like a business card. It can give a brief understanding of who their clients are, what projects they have implemented, and whether their experience hits the right note with your project.
  • Market presence – knowing how long the company has been on the market is a good indicator of its experience and reliability. You would not want to risk it entrusting your project to a company that is making its first steps in the industry. 
  • Staff selection process – it is the company’s responsibility to hire qualified professionals with the right skills and experience. Enquire how their staff is hired and what selection criteria the company uses to get the best of the best.
  • Reviews – reading reviews from the actual clients on their experience with the software development company can give a good idea of the company’s reputation. Combined with the company’s portfolio, you get a real feel of the company’s potential.
  • Confidentiality – this is not new, but do ensure you include the confidentiality clause or have an NDA signed before you start working. Data protection should be your core priority.
  • Team exclusivity to your project – ask your service provider how they ensure that the development team will work for your project only. This may also be a separate clause in the service agreement you sign.

Once you have these queries sorted, you can shortlist the companies and contact the selected service providers for project quotes.

 Remember, your project requirements will determine the size and the specification for your dedicated software team and thus will affect the quote. A team that works autonomously would usually comprise project managers, business analysts, DevOps specialists, frontend developers, backend developers, UX/UI designers and QA engineers.

Another critical thing to agree with your service provider is your communication process and the frequency of getting status reports. It is important that you follow up on all development stages, and if your employees are part of the development process, make sure they are in sync with what a dedicated software development team works on.

 Magnise has been on the market since 2005. We take pride in our team of exceptional professionals and our expertise. We have been successfully operating in Ukraine and Western Europe and delivered several successful projects of various scales in the US, Canada, Germany, Israel and the United Kingdom.

At your request, Magnise can provide a dedicated development team with proven experience in every aspect required to make your project successful. We make sure our team communicates every step of the project’s progress and responds to your feedback. Our dedicated team will work alongside your employees, so you may rest assured that all project participants are on the same page.

 From our experience, the ideal development team is 5-10 people. We will assemble the team that will help your business thrive. Ask us about the projects that we have delivered, and you will see how passionate we are about what we do. Get in touch with Magnise today to find out what your ideal dedicated software development team will be.


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