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The recruitment process gets easier and cheaper when you decide to work with a Dedicated Team.


#Dedicated Development Team

Working with Magnise Dedicated Team involves coherence and complete immersion in your business because we take on the recruitment process, and arrange office culture and team building. 

It is often difficult to find good specialists, even with the best recruitment companies. Qualified employees usually already have a job and work in formed IT teams. It takes a long time, even months to find developers, testers and other staff with extensive experience. Are you ready to take at least 1 month looking for perfect specialists to start work on your business idea? Not likely! Therefore, things get easier when you decide to hire a Dedicated Team from Magnise. 

A unique team for an exclusive business

You probably know that recruiting takes a month in many IT companies. The process of hiring and adaptation takes time. The best thing about Magnise is that you can start our work in 24 hours and start developing process in 1 week. This means a quick start to your project, with no extra payments on searches. After all, this is how well-coordinated outsourcing should work – you get the professional team as soon as it’s needed, and you have it ready to work on your task.

As a result, you may need less time to complete a project. And for that hire a dedicated development team that will meet and exceed your special business needs. 𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐞 is delivering industry-standard FinTech/ERP/CRM/MVP/IoT/software/app/web/trading & blockchain development services worldwide. Our remote software developers have deep expertise in  IoT, AR .NET, Java, node.JS, C++, mobile (Swift, Kotlin), Frontend (angular, react, vue.JS), PHP (larvel, zend, symphony) and much more. With our Mid/Senior team everything is possible. Most importantly, you don’t need to spend time testing their competencies, we’re responsible for the best result that the Dedicated Team will bring to your business.

The success of clients is our priority because we grow with the businesses we’re working on.

Supported at all times

Working with a development team often takes months or years. One project grows into another. Businesses must feel supported at all times. That’s why we have daily interaction with our software development teams, regular meetings with stakeholders and monthly reports.

The optimal time to work with Magnise Dedicated Team is six months. It’s the best time for developing, testing and improving the product. But of course, we continue to select a convenient format for each client. Firstly, we need to give the best result. Secondly, we are interested in successful cooperation in comfortably short terms.

Therefore, we always make every effort to monetize your project as soon as possible. Even if it might be unprofitable, we’ll fix any problem to come to the best result. 

Everything is just under your control

Paradoxically, when you work with an outsourcing team of developers, you get more control. You will generate long-term and value-driven benefits. Dedicated Team is not just people who expand your business, such a team will save a lot on the recruitment process and implement all your ideas in the best way. This is a great model for smaller companies with limited budgets and for great companies with great ambitions. 

If you’re still in doubt

At first, we said, the recruitment process gets easy and cheaper when you decide to work with a Dedicated Team. And that’s true. The self-employment process doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to find and hire the best candidates. A lot of time will be spent on testing the qualifications of employees. And it’s not just money, it’s about the implementation of projects and ideas.

For example, you can hire Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, QA Testers, UI/UX Designers, Marketing Specialists and other staff with Dedicated Team from Magnise. They will get you covered in 1 week after the beginning of cooperation. Imagine how much time and effort you can save to start your work with a Dedicated Team instead of finding all of these specialists by yourself!

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