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How to manage Dedicated Team


#Dedicated Development Team

How to make sure that the Dedicated Team does not disappear with your money and project? Unfortunately, not all IT companies can guarantee secure cooperation. Often the team disappears until the job is complete, but it’s not a normal type of cooperation. We are convinced that you have the right to know who is working on the project, and how work is organized within the company.

A common problem when you’re hiring a team

If you have little time and budget, hiring a dedicated development team is your solution. And self-searching for such a team creates many problems. For example, you choose a company without researching. Therefore, it is good to know how long the company has been in the IT market, and how many projects it implemented. It is significant to pay attention to customer feedback if any. 

Of course, it’s typically scary to hire a team for the first time. Many customers limit themselves to working with local workers. Please do not limit yourself to geographical boundaries. You can safely select a partner among foreign developers. However, wherever your remote team is, only proper communication with developers will bring success.

Another common difficulty for the customer is the issue of paying for the Dedicated Team work. And the problem lies in the fixed price. In fact, it is quite a rare occasion. Experienced companies know that the true cost of work is estimated by the time and material spent on it. This approach is basic chiefly for long-term projects because business requirements can also change over time.

Therefore, we have built strong relationships with clients for decades in Magnise. And so that our client does not make the above mistakes, we have a solution. Our Project Manager deals with all issues related to creating the perfect DT. We manage the recruitment process, arrange office infrastructure and team building, and hire remote software engineers. But how to recognize is it good to work with a Dedicated team?

Stop signals in finding another Software Vendor

The level of expectation with Dedicated teams is always very high. So, if you don’t see a similar approach in the work of your hired DT, you need to change the Software Vendor

We recommend avoiding the following:


Each dedicated employee must possess relevant experience and knowledge. The company must have a quality standard – several years in IT and the ability to use the latest technology. You need the real experts. 

Poor workflow organization 

Our project manager cares about good working culture. The team support and well-being of the members are the provider’s responsibility. To complete this, he encourages and motivates the team. This approach helps to build a professional relationship with a dedicated team of developers. Accordingly, people do their jobs better and create cool projects for clients. 

Bad finance management 

Don’t give in to cheap services. Otherwise, as a result, your product will also be low-cost and unprofitable. 

As you can see, hiring a remote technical team can be difficult. All because the customer trusts the hired Software Vendor in everything: ideas, money, and time. Our team will definitely justify your trust.

How does it work in Magnise?

We have open communication in the company between team members and between the customer and employees. There are also regular calls on our team. The customer knows everything about each stage of work because resolving your request together is our priority. We will not disappear with your project. Be sure!

Your Dedicated Development Team is like an in-house one. You can expect daily interaction with your software DT, and weekly and monthly reports.

And here is a short story from Magnis about what adequate work with cool DT looks like. One of our clients, Brett Marsh, Founder, and CEO of Global Chart Analysis in Los Angeles, has been cooperating with us for many years. He said that the development team should always offer the best options. And we have always provided our clients with the best ways to implement ideas and projects. “We would recommend Magnise as a great addition to your team.” – Brett Marsh. 

Set up a dedicated software development team in weeks and start working on a new project at that moment. If you wanna start, please let us know. We are ready to manage your best Dedicated Team.


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