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Dedicated Team Model in Software Engineering: Definition, Pros and Cons


#Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated team model (DTM) is a type of business model that outsources a designated team of professional developers for a specific project or tasks mainly in software development. While DTM refers to a temporary service, dedicated team implies that all team members engaged in the project work exclusively for the project for as long as this has been agreed between the client and the service provider.   

The size of dedicated team varies and can be as small as two team members or include dozens of development professional of various calibres depending on the scope of the project. Based on the client requirements, the number of dedicated team members can be reduced or increased if needed. 

DTM is an outsourcing service and most often refers to offshoring model type meaning that dedicated team as a rule works remotely from a different country or region. 

This type of model suits businesses of all sizes for the following reasons:  

– Smaller companies can significantly save money by outsourcing the required specialists avoiding direct and indirect costs associated with staff employment 

– Larger companies can launch their products and services much faster generating more profit from shorter time to market.  

Any business model has advantages and disadvantages though.  

Let us have a look at pros and cons of dedicated team model now. 


  Great choice of talents  

DT service providers are able to offer the best talents that satisfy particular project needs. Companies that outsource dedicated teams get the exact right specialists they need to implement their ideas into a successful product. 

  Saving costs  

Unlike in-house teams that need to be additionally equipped with the right qualification and hardware as various projects arise, dedicated team offers qualified developers who are fit for the job and ready to start asap without additional investments. As DT often implies outsourcing from other regions, the hourly rates of developers may be significantly lower compared to when you hire a team locally.  


The beauty of DT model is that it allows adding as well as reducing teams as the project develops. Projects may progress quickly and the initial team may not be enough to accomplish the tasks on time. Similarly, as the project develops some specialists may not be required during the whole project cycle. Therefore, the size of dedicated team can be easily adjusted to the way a project develops. 


DT service providers specialise in software development specialists and can allocate the right candidates to a project much faster than what companies may find using their own resources. Dedicated team members are used to the speedy nature of outsourced projects and provide faster and more accurate services within the given area of their work. 


  Project cost estimation 

Due to the fluid nature of software development projects, it is hard to give a precise estimate of the final project costs. The project duration may change and the team may expand or downsize during the project lifespan. However, calculating the costs for the team is still possible based on the initial plan and reached agreements. The rest can be done upon project completion. 


Hiring a team to work remotely has a flip side when it comes to communication. With all technologies available to date, face-to-face communication is hard to substitute. Outsourcing teams from other regions may add another inconvenience due to different time zones. This may impede communication process, however there are ways to organise online communication that is efficient for both parties.  

  Organisational barriers 

Setting up a DT involves many organisational processes, including negotiations, multiple phone calls, meetings and significant paperwork. However, once the set-up process is complete, dedicated team can start working on a project right away. 

At Magnise, we are proud of our people. Dedicated team is one of our popular services that gained recognition among numerous clients. What makes dedicated team from Magnise so popular is our unique approach to how we work.  

This approach comprises several stages.  

  1. Analysis

We start with analysis. Our business analyst carries out a thorough study of what the client wants and puts it into detailed project requirements. 

  1. Prototyping & Design 

We build prototype using our UX/UI expertise that enables us to create a user-friendly design and make sure the product meets all the project requirements set at the previous stage. 

  1. Engineering

Our developers choose the right platform or architectures and combine it with the technology stack to create innovative, robust and scalable software solutions that ideally meet the project needs. 

  1. Quality assurance 

We perform manual and automated testing across multiple platforms and operating systems to make sure that our products are fully functional and operate seamlessly. 

  1. Deployment and Implementation 

We get the software running in client’s IT environment and check that the product performs same well as during the QA stage. If necessary, we can carry out employee trainings to help the client’s staff get comfortable with the software. 

  1. Post-delivery support 

We provide post-delivery support and remain available to answer any questions, give a helping hand with resolving incidents and software configuration updates. 

Dedicated team from Magnise is only a fraction of what we can offer.  

Magnise can be your software development partner. We are interested in a long-term cooperation, therefore we study your project from top to bottom to find the best possible solutions that work for your product in particular and identify issues that need fixing. We do the full set up of all required work processes, so you do not have to worry about it. 

In our work, we put safety first. Every project that we commit to is under our supervision with minimum risks involved. We provide multi-dimensional security that extends to our work processes as well as future products, so they are in line with compliance for the potential investors. 

Our expertise includes developing solutions for all business sizes and levels of complexity. The number of successfully implemented projects speaks for itself and that makes us particularly proud. We offer several MVP packages and will find the one for your company that will help your business thrive.    

Partnership for Magnise is about growth. We prepare a strategic plan for your company for several years and will be there for you at every step of the way – be it supervision, project management, consulting or marketing. We know how to monetise projects and never give up. 

Magnise is your ideal Chief Technology Officer. All our technology strategies will be in line with your business requirements to facilitate progress and company development. 

We look into the future and are happy to support our partners be it a dedicated team or any other idea that needs to find its way to success. Get in touch to find out more. 


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