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Case Study: Development of cloud based POS system


#Custom Software Development


Cloud – based POS System which allows access to business data from any place and on any gadget.  

  Client profile 

Our client is a company who has a chain of restaurants, a rooftop cocktail lounge, and hotels within room dining. Whether you’re looking for a casual dining experience or a drink at a lounge our client has options which can suit any guest. 


Our client had an on-premises-based point-of-sale (POS) system installed throughout their dining outlets, which was well regarded in the restaurant industry. Unfortunately, the UAE government imposed a new regulation mandating the use of Arabic printing on guest checks, and existing solution didn’t support such a possibility. The developer of the existing POS system was purchased by another company and the new owner decided to not support old system modification and improvements, so our client was left with a system which cannot be extended or fixed. Also, our client required a system that had robust reporting capabilities. Both could not be fulfilled by the current POS provider. 


 Forced with the need to find a new POS system our client said: “I wanted something we could customize to work the way we wanted it to work”, new system should be not only tech-oriented, but also needs to be logical in the way a regular person thinks. 

 To address the challenge Magnise team came up with the full-cycle development which includes product UI/UX design and style guides, business analysis, software architecture, software development and quality assurance.  

 As result Magnise team developed an enterprise level cloud-based POS system with inventory application, which included the following features: 

 Any device, anywhere, low vendor dependency – by using cross-platform frameworks like Flutter which allows to run our software on tablets, desktop computers and smartphones (iOS and Android), Windows, Mac OS, and web app, and it compatible with all the hardware like scanners, barcode readers, receipt printers, etc.

  • Easy to use and customize – the intuitive UI/UX produced by our designers allows to use POS system without special training.   
  • Better control – you have real-time access to important information and such as cash flow, business performance, employee statistics etc.  
  • Cloud-based – your data is protected by chosen cloud provider, also enterprise level architecture produced by our team allows to manage and scale the system and business virtually from anywhere anytime.  
  • Work offline – all operations with POS like taking orders, print tickets etc can be done offline, all changes will be automatically synced as soon as you come online.  
  • User training – is a standard component of the Magnise development process. The training gave the client’s team a thorough understanding of their new product. Furthermore, end-user adoption was simplified, thanks to the new application’s user-friendly interface and straightforward features. 

Our team build all-in-one toolset which included the following applications:  

POS terminal – app that allows to easily manage your sales. 

Back Office – list of tools which includes inventory app, employee management, analytics, and other functionality which allows to manage your business.  

Kitchen Display – digital order viewing screen which replaces printers and paper tickets and connects to POS system. 

Cloud backend – list of services and database which serves all applications. 

Technologies and Tools  

Flutter, .NET, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, WebSocket, Swagger.  


Our client was really impressed how easy it was to be switching to new POS system, which was developed by Magnise team, which allowed to adopt to new government regulations, reach operational stability, and better management of operational costs. Another important aspect was lower training time which was achieved by great UI/UX.  With the new system, the client is efficiently managing their business which gives them more time to spend in the dining area interacting with and servicing their customers. 


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