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Case Study: Cross Platform Mobile Trading Application with Biometric Authentication



Client profile

Our Client is a FINRA registered broker-dealer and an industry veteran focusing on bridging the gap between investors and the market. Our Client also offers a full range of execution, brokerage, and clearing services through his own electronic trading platform. He also provides proprietary asset management tools and regulatory reporting to satisfy all reporting requirements.


The Client has a legacy iOS app that provides access to the trading terminal from a mobile phone. The Client’s existing app uses a mix of native-app code and web technologies. Also, this app featured biometric authentication for accessing trading functionality and client data(dashboard).

Our Client had already outsourced their web trading terminal to Magnise company, so they approached us and requested the development of an Android version and an iOS application update.


The Client requested Magnise to develop a native Android application that conforms to all their requirements. After analyzing them and the legacy iOS applications, we came up with the following:

The Client’s existing iOS application uses a mix of native app and web technologies. Creating the same Android application using native technology will add additional complexity and duplicate the code base. Also, such an approach requires significant investment. This is because you need two different development teams to support both platforms. And they must adjust business logic, identify bugs, and duplicate UI logic to the features of each platform.

Considering all the above, we suggested a complete rework of the current Client’s mobile app into a new Flutter application with a single code base.

According to Magnise experts, Flutter development is 25%-45% faster compared to the creation of two native apps. Nevertheless, the speed also depends on the complexity of the interface and the expected functions.

The new application was built by using the latest Flutter framework and best practices. Using the most famous architectural and design patterns like BLoC and cross-platform solutions for biometric authentication like local_auth, we quickly created an MVP and ensured all components worked fine.

In the middle of the planned time frame, our Client urgently asks our team to release the app earlier than the previously set timeline. Following agile practices, our engineers provided de-scoped and production-ready releases and put them into the market.


The Magnise team developed the new mobile application with a single code base for both the iOS and Android platforms and adhered to all the Client’s functional and performance requirements.


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