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Magnis is an international IT company with worldwide coverage, founded 2005. Magnis specializes in software development and design of applications for PC, Mobile devices, and Web. We are long term relationship driven company with our clients spread around the globe



this is our simple e- business cards solution online. This is stand-alone product, which could also be seen as an addition / expansion of TasX platform. It assists vendors to maintain up-to-date list of business cards which tend to become obsolete with rate of about 20-25% per annum.


TasX is called to revolutionize B2B networking and communication. This product will allow companies to connect and cooperate through dedicated TasX system, leaving behind traditional / obsolete corporate solutions that no longer can satisfy modern business needs. Amongst others, the product will include messaging (including legacy emailing systems), planning, task scheduling and follow-up, purchases, procurement and further customized business integration between partnering companies.


Electronic services that brings solutions for web-shops, restaurants, shops, trading centers, supply chain business and others, allowing consumers to order and check out without complicated (physical) payment process. The system also offers planning, scheduling, rating and suggestions service to the consumers.


  • Experience and proven track record since 2005;
  • Team of 150+ experienced professionals;
  • High quality products and services;
  • Optimal, solution oriented approach;
  • Global presence;
  • Scalability and flexibility, satisfying project requirements;
  • Transparency and independence;
  • Areas of our practices and core skills;

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