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In today’s technology world you have found more than a software development vendor - you’ve found a partner.

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What’s a partner?


it’s a friend that helps to solve your problems as his own.


it’s a colleague that cares about your business growth.


it’s a developer that makes the software that helps your business thrive.


it’s your co-worker who disagrees with you to find a better solution.


it’s your companion whose goals align with yours.
Magnise Partnership cores and values
Trusted long-term

As your Software development partner, we are focused on studying your project from soup to nuts. It’s not about giving the results immediately, it’s about long-term cooperation to reveal all issues in order to find the efficient solutions.
Working environment

Stop worrying about remote communication and workflow. Being your Partner, we are responsible for setting up the work process that fully satisfies your needs.
Professional expertise

Magnise developed an enormous number of successful projects, so we can confidently call ourselves competent. Being a skillful and experienced partner we share and implement innovative solutions for enterprises.
Security aware

In a trusted partnership your risk is reduced to minimum. Based on longtime experience, we provide a highly secure process of collaboration without any illusions. As your partner, we also consider safety from the standpoint of future compliance for your potential investors - we take into account every peculiarity to achieve absolute safety.
Solutions for All-size

Doesn’t matter what size and complexity your project is. We provide a universal ‘turnkey’ recipe for your business idea: Discovery phase and three MVP packages, for Mid-size and Large companies we have other custom packages. Contact us for more details.
In partnership, we grow

As your Software development partner, we go far beyond project management, or just marketing or only consulting. We run your business from start to finish. During the run, it either gives results and profits or we consult on every step till it works perfectly! Remember, the partnership is about growth.
Improvement oriented

Isn’t it great to have a Partner with 20 years of experience. Don’t write off failed projects, your Partner will find optimal solutions to achieve your business goals.
Strategic planning

We don’t take your project just like “another job”. If you are ready to work for results - we prepare a strategic plan for years. Taking Magnise as your Software Development Partner, you’ll gain a companion that monetizes any project.
Technological area of focus

Magnise stands as an ideal CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for your IT business. As a Partner we ensure that our technology strategy is aligned with your business needs.
Cross-Functional Approach

Working as your Software Development Partner, we use cross-functional teams to bring a gulp of fresh air, new ideas, and expertise that work towards a common goal.

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