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Why Your Startup Needs Custom Software Development Company


#Custom Software Development

Although many companies still deny that they need their software or website, such firms will soon face difficulties. If you plan to develop a modern business and want to be competitive, you will need custom software development for startups.  After all, all the world’s leading companies are increasingly moving to digital. Applications, websites, and programs help implement such businesses’ tasks much more efficiently. In this article, we will tell you why you need customized software.

Why do you need software?

When we were children, many loved building figures from Lego bricks. There were always instructions in the sets, with the help of which it was possible to make a specific figure. And it turned out beautiful! But the natural creativity began when you departed from the instructions and created something of your own. You could create a whole new world with enough Lego bricks and a little patience. And if you draw a parallel between design and playing with Lego bricks, you’ll see that, just like in childhood, deviating from the instructions can yield a unique version. 

Custom software for startup businesses will assist you at least with the following:

  • You will be able to increase customer engagement. There is a big difference between communicating with people only when they come to your offices and stores and keeping in touch with them all the time through an app. You can be with your target audience always – on their smartphone.
  • Learn more about your users. One of the great things about digital resources is that they allow you to analyze data with maximum benefit. What products or services on the site are customers most interested in? Which buttons are clicked most often? How long does one session last on your page? All this will help you to work more efficiently.
  • You will get new profit channels. You could now expand your opportunities if you received funds only from physical sales or contracts outside the Internet. You will increase your profits by adding the ability to place orders online. 
  • Increase the loyalty of the target audience. Digital allows you to create promotional campaigns, promotions, and enjoyable online events that will benefit you from a financial point of view and appeal to customers.

What does it give you

Why should you choose custom software development services for startups but not a ready-made solution?

It will solve the problems of your business as much as possible.

Every business is different, and that is a truth. Your business has certain needs and a clear aim. Yes, there are situations when ready-made software solutions are quicker, but they are likely to only meet portion of your demands. In addition, you will get an attractive opportunity not to try to squeeze into the framework that the ready-made software will point you to but to create a resource with no restrictions. This means you will manage everything — from the number and types of admin sections to displaying each picture and icon on your website or application.

Nothing is left to chance.

The other side of the coin of choosing ready-made software is often that such a software solution usually has many different functions. In practice, you will understand that quantity is only sometimes quality. When the interface is overloaded with sections, you do not need, it distracts you and potential software users. One of the fundamental laws of interface design — Hick’s law — says that an increase in the number of options leads to a rise in the amount of time it takes to make decisions. Custom software designed will allow you to highlight the essentials and eliminate them unnecessarily. This, in particular, will help you keep your users’ attention longer and, separately, increase your chances of successful sales.

No restrictions.

Not all ready-made software solutions have limitations on the quantity of users, data archives, download speed, and extensibility, but the bulk of them do. You will either need to switch to new software totally or buy a more expensive package of services.

Custom development will enable you to avoid this. Since developers won’t be constrained by tool restrictions, software created just for you will be considerably simpler to expand upon and improve. Even if you begin with a simple application for regular users, you might eventually expand to a fully-fledged mobile service.

Support and individual approach.

Those who have worked with third-party services will unanimously tell you that such solutions have another drawback. If suddenly there is a failure in the work of such a service, it may take hours or even days to find out the reasons and debug the system. If you have custom software, you can write to the company that developed it and fix it with any problems. Most custom software development companies for startups offer support services for the software they have created. 

Security and control.

Another critical issue that should be remembered at the initial stage of software development is data security and the ability to control them. Although ready-made software solutions offer a high level of security as well, certain industries and enterprises could require greater degrees of security. You will definitely need additional protection if you work with sensitive client data or conduct large financial transactions. The trust of your customers, and therefore your ability to make a profit, depends on it. In addition, you can choose how to store, sort, and distribute the data that your application, website, or other software will work with. Pay attention to the importance of these features.

Unique design.

There are principles and laws by which designers work with interfaces, according to which banners are created and buttons are placed on the page. However, custom software still has much more options and freedom of action in terms of the appearance of the user interface. Colors, schemes, special shapes, and images can be realized. Find an experienced team ready to implement your business’s needs and find the perfect compromise between your desires and the best practices of modern development and design — and you will get software that will exceed your expectations.

Benefit in the long run.

Third-party services usually function on a subscription basis. The most typical method is this. Different tariffs each have their own traits and restrictions. For instance, you may develop an application on a Basic conditional tax with a certain set of features, the number of users, and specific data analysis capabilities. At a higher price point, the amount of features and functionalities will rise. These indicators will rise considerably higher with the Advanced tax. Options for subscriptions might include monthly, semi-annual, yearly, and others. As your company’s demands expand, you could have to pay more in the future because the service isn’t likely to remain free. You will often have to make a single payment for the construction of the program in the event of bespoke development.

Everything you need is in one place.

If you rent software to deploy your campaign resource, you may need to rent more than one program. Again, this situation can be avoided if you develop an application or website that will combine all the necessary features. Communicate with users, collect feedback, sell goods and services, receive payments, collect user behavior analytics and perform many other actions on your platform.

So who can help?

Magnise provides custom software development services. From the time a project is conceived until the software is made available and beyond, our committed teams are ready to work on it.

We provide:

  • Thorough personalized approach.
  • Choosing the finest software solutions and development techniques.
  • MVP advancement.
  • Analysis of the demands of the company and its clients.
  • Checking for quality and more.

Despite the fact that our personnel works independently and does not obstruct your job duties, you will always be kept in the loop regarding the progress of the growth.

Remember that all digital giants were once small startups. For example, Booking started because the founder wanted to rent his apartment and made a small MVP. Even Steve Jobs and Elon Musk were once simple students and created something completely new — something no one had done before them. As a result, these people made an incredible contribution to the development of technology and influenced the everyday life of almost everyone in this world. Maybe your project will also scale to a grand scale in time. Nothing is impossible. 

Set up a consultation to go through every last detail. For you, our experts will be pleased to design specialized software.


  • Why do you need software?
  • What does it give you
  • So who can help?

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