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The Benefits of Ordering Custom Software for a Business


#Custom Software Development
Custom or ready-made? If in doubt, here is our view on the benefits of ordering custom software for your business.

What differentiates successful businesses from the rest is their ability to adapt to the ever-changing economic circumstances. The world has been going through massive changes in the past 18 months, which made companies adjust and think of the ways to keep their operations running. The adjustment to the new reality resulted in more and more businesses going through scaling their digital operations. The way it is implemented is seen not only through developing companies’ internal work processes, but also through scaling digital technologies to cover larger number of customers. Inevitably, companies begin to consider what type of software solutions would benefit their business. In this article, we will attempt to outline the benefits a custom software against ready-made solutions.

While the market offers a wide selection of ready-made software with multiple features, the tricky part is they may not fully meet your business requirements or be relevant for your business. Similarly, you may find a ready-made solution, which covers the basic needs of your business and the industry you operate, but you also end up paying for features that you do not need or ever use.

So, what benefits ordering custom software offers?

1. Specific to your company needs
Custom software is a digital solution that meets all the important criteria for your business operations as well as your customer’s requirements. You do not have to overpay for the services and features that your business does not need. The software offers a tailor-made solution to make your company more efficient, productive and customer-oriented. Engage your business analysts in communication with development team and see how your custom software transforms into a unique asset.

2. Cost-effective

It is true, that custom software is more expensive than ready-made solutions. However, in the long run you get a system that guarantees to boost your business performance and optimises your use of time. On top of that, you only pay for the features you need, not a penny more.

3. Capable to embrace company development

With custom software not only that you cover the current needs of your business, you set the foundation for your company’s expansion. Therefore, when it happens you already have a system in place that is capable of adjusting to larger scopes of work and managing your interaction with customers in more efficient manner.

4. Scalable

Your company development implies scaling of software at some stage. A good development team will foresee this and build a solution that is scalable and that can easily manage the increased operations volumes without compromising on quality.

5. To your taste

In addition to the technical side and the software features your business needs, you are free to choose anything you want when it comes to design, customer preferences etc.

6. Built by professionals

A well-selected development team will offer a number of experts each in their field. For instance, UI/UX designers will make sure your software functions as it should and your customers get the best interface design in line with the latest trends. The technical specialists will choose the right technologies to ensure uninterrupted performance and scalability when the time comes.

7. Tested and reliable

The QA engineers of your development team will test the software several times before launching it and eliminate any bugs and errors to ensure the software works flawlessly. You can become part of this process and monitor the work of QA engineers as well as add your input at different stages of testing.

8. Secure

Custom software means there are no copies of the software. Every business faces the challenge of keeping sensitive and confidential information secure. Cybersecurity specialists will make sure the system is safe to use and has no vulnerable spots to hit on.

9. CI/CD based

A professional team of developers will use CI/CD platform to build a custom software. The use of combined continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment helps to enforce automation and ensure there are no gaps in operational and development activities. Additionally, it speeds up the product delivery process to the servers.

10. Supported

Ordering custom software provides continuous support from your developers even after the software deployment. The support team will be available to implement any changes or resolve problems as and when they arrive. They will also be there for you when your business begins to expand and you will need to scale your software.

Finally, is ordering custom software worthwhile?

In the short run, ordering custom software may be an expensive and time-consuming step. You may do just fine buying a ready-made solution if the scale and the specifics of your business falls under standard requirements. However, if you are a large company with a complex structure and have ambitions to grow, ordering custom software is an investment that will pay off.
Here at Magnise we are particularly proud of our experience helping companies to create custom software. The projects that we have implemented enabled our customers to facilitate their daily work processes and grow their businesses being fully prepared and equipped with the software that can withstand the increased operational complexity. Contact us to discuss how your company can benefit from the custom software we build.


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