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The Average JavaScript Developer Salary 2021


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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language in the world right now.

It is growing fast and this explains why major companies like Walmart, Netflix and Paypal build internal applications using JavaScript. Learning JavaScript is a great opportunity for landing a good job as a front-end developer, backend-developer or a full-stack developer who knows both the front-end and the back-end. 

What is JavaScript good for?

For a long time JavaScript was used in browsers to build interactive web pages. Huge community support and investments from large companies like Facebook and Google made JavaScript earn its solid position in building full-fledged web and mobile apps as well as real-time networking applications, like chats, video streaming services, command-line tools or even games.

Originally, JavaScript was designed to run in browsers only. Now with JavaScript you can build the back-end for your web and mobile applications.

The industry offers an extensive list of opportunities for JavaScript developers. Therefore, it is quite explainable why so many young professionals consider learning this programming language.

The range of JavaScript developer salary varies and largely depends on your skills, position, as well as the size of a company and the location. 

Among the list of counties, USA has the leading position with the most job opportunities for JavaScript developers.

Let us have a look at the salary range offered in the US to JavaScript specialists.

The average salary in the USA is $99,764 per year.

As of 2021, New York and New Jersey appear to offer the highest salaries to JavaScript developers among other states. 

New York offers the average salary of $119,000 per year.

New Jersey pays on average $114,000 per year.

Based on the level of expertise, the salary range goes as follows:

– Junior level JavaScript developers $60,142 per year;

– Middle level JavaScript developers $85,413 – $89,891 per year;

– Senior level JavaScript developers $99,454 – $145,675 per year.


JavaScript is also an in-demand language in Western Europe and other countries. The average salary for this type of developer is as follows:

Switzerland: $118,261 per year;

Norway: $100,888 per year;

The United Kingdom: $79,459 per year;

Israel: $68,554 per year;

Denmark: $110,681 per year;

Sweden: $71,514 per year;

Germany: $92,225 per year;

The Netherlands: $91,879 per year;

Finland: $85,913 per year;

Ukraine: $24, 133 per year. 

Similar to the USA, the popularity and the demand for JavaScript in Europe raised in the past years. As the IT industry continues to grow, and so do the salaries. JavaScript developer salaries are predicted to raise by 15% in 2022.

Location most certainly affects the salary level. However, if you want to be successful in your role, you may also consider adding other skills to your portfolio.

It is quite common that companies want a front-end web developer with knowledge of HTML and CSS in addition to JavaScript. This is something you may want to note to expand your skillset for a dream job. 

As you can see, location and levels of proficiency with JavaScript determine the salary level that you can expect. Therefore, you success will greatly depend on how well you can demonstrate your skills and where you apply for a job.

For a quick comparison in the same countries, the average React developer salaries vary from $48,598 to $94,597 per year. Angular developers earn from $49,252 to $101,517 per year. The average Vue.js developer salaries go from $41,828 to $86,916 per year.

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