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How to Hire the Development Team for Your Startup


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Are you thinking about launching a startup? New ideas are always great, especially when it comes to the digital world. But you should prepare for any development of events. After all, one of the key problems for many startups at the very beginning is how to find a software developer for startup. The fact is that, unlike large companies with a well-known names, startups can rarely give employees guarantees and offer the same favorable conditions as giant companies. Therefore, not all experienced developers are ready to risk their well-being and financial stability. So what should you do? We have collected important information for you.

Why do you need a development team?

Let’s start from the very beginning and define why you need to hire a development team for startups at all.

  • Professionals should do development.

First and most obviously, no matter how great your ideas are and how well you have thought it through, even if you have experience in development, it’s not a good idea to do it yourself. If you plan to run a business, you should learn to delegate responsibilities from the very beginning. As a startup owner and its inspirer, you should give the development to professionals who are constantly engaged in this kind of stuff. Moreover, two heads are better than one, and it is worth having another point of view on any problem.

  • Not only a development.

Of course, you will need other specialists if you want your project to succeed. Designers, marketers, testers, and other team members are an extremely important part of the process; without them, you won’t be able to achieve what you’ll achieve with them. But finding all these employees can be difficult, which leads us to point 3.

  • Saving time and resources on finding employees.

There is at least one crucial detail about the difference between hiring individual specialists and the whole team at the same time. And these are the resources that you will have to spend to get what you want. If you look for each specialist separately, it may take a huge amount of time and effort, and the start of the project will be delayed. After all, for it to work, you should start when you already have all the necessary participants in the process. If you understand how to hire developers for a startup as a team at once, it will save you a lot of effort, time, and even money.

  • Speaking of money. Hiring a team will be more profitable.

It may be surprising for you, but hiring a whole team at once can be more profitable in the end. Usually, outsourcing and outstaffing companies that offer such services have a stable pricing policy for their services. You pay the contractor company, which distributes the salary among its employees. If you look for in-house developers, designers, copywriters, and other employees separately, each will have their salary wishes, which will be much more challenging to influence.

What to pay attention to

But how to hire a developer for a startup correctly? – you may ask. There are several rules that you should follow:

  • Decide on the technical features.

What programming language would you like to see your software in? What technologies do you need to implement? This is a good starting point to find the team you need. If you need to learn more about these things, you can always start with a simple one: find out the available options. You can also always hire a consultant to help you choose the right direction. After all, the technical side is probably the most important part of the digital project you are building. You need the application, website, or any other software you create to work efficiently, be modern, and have an attractive appearance. And all this is influenced by development.

  • Determine your budget and stay consistent with these figures.

If you want to succeed, you should keep a cool head when it comes to money. Of course, the best teams can charge a bit more than the average pricing policy on the market. But here, you should decide how unlimited your options are and how much the choice of this or that company will affect the future result. And just for the record – of course, the choice of contractor affects everything, so choose wisely.

  • Think over a plan that will lead you to the first earnings as soon as possible.

And nothing less than MVP development will help you in this. Minimum Viable Product is an ideal solution for startups because this test version of the software will allow you to get the first feedback, check how viable your idea is, and even attract the first revenue stream. In addition, it is essential to see the concept that was previously only in your head or, conditionally, “on paper” working and real. It will be helpful both for you – you will be able to look at things from a new angle – and for the business because, at the initial stages of development, you will be able to identify weaknesses and get rid of them.

Difficulties on your way: what they are and how to overcome them

To one degree or another, we all love challenges. When we overcome circumstances and achieve our goals, it makes us feel like winners – which is extremely important. But, of course, challenges in the early stages of startup development are not something you want to face. But you will likely have to. And therefore, you should be ready for anything.

Among the common challenges that startups often face when looking for a team, we want to highlight the following:

  • Competing with the giants of the labor market.

At the beginning of our article, we already mentioned that startups often lose to corporations in terms of the conditions they can offer their employees. And that’s why you should be cunning and offer something your rivals can’t. At the very least, you should work hard on your idea and learn how to inspire others with it. Because often an excellent promising idea, which can be a great point on a resume in the future, can outweigh the benefits that corporations offer here and now.

  • Lack of suitable candidates nearby.

In today’s world, it is better to be separate from the geographical location of your team. Yes, it cannot be easy to find specialists in your city. But 2020 – and the years that followed – showed the world that even working remotely from all corners of the planet can achieve significant results. In addition, hiring a team from another country with a lower bill for services than in your country can save a lot of money and still get the same quality services.

  • Security issues.

Cybersecurity is a word you will find at the top of popularity over the past few years. The digital world is expanding very fast, and its influence on the world has never been so significant. But this also brings certain risks – such as leaks of vulnerable information, fraud, server hacks, and cyber attacks. Therefore, when looking for employees for your startup, you should make 100% sure that you have taken care of your company’s security. Consequently, you should double-check every contractor you plan to work with. Honest companies and teams will happily provide you with all the necessary data.

Magnise: advantages of the company

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