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How to Hire Developers for a Start-Up


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Every business, however big or small, needs to frame their services or products into an application – be it web or mobile, or sometimes both. This is particularly true for start-up businesses, as a well-developed application will contribute greatly to the success and growth of a start-up business. These days the transition from offline to online sales processes has become relevant more than ever due to pandemic of COVID-19.

This inevitably set the game for creating web and mobile applications for businesses of all scales. While existing businesses may tackle the demand with a team of in-house developers, start-ups are likely to contract third party IT-experts. There is very little room for mistakes due to the nature of a start-up business, therefore choosing a team of developers must be done in a very thoughtful manner.

Here are the key factors you should consider when you hire app developers.

  1. Research the company portfolio and study reviews

Invest some time into researching about the company. See what projects the company has developed and whether they are relevant to your line of business. Make sure the company is up-to-date with trends and innovations, so when it comes to your application development you may rest assured it stays relevant. Consider the company’s scope; this will give you an idea if it has the capacity to implement your project. Try to find clients’ reviews. A reliable development company will keep them available to public unfiltered, however good or bad.

  1. Choose quality over price

There is quite a large spread in pricing for similar services among development companies. While it is important to keep your costs under control, especially for a start-up business, the last thing you want is to compromise on the quality of services over price. Low price may seem tempting, however building an application is a long-term investment that will pay off if you do it the right way with the right kind of development company.

  1. Explore platform options

By the time you decide to hire developers, you will know the target audience for your services or product. This will give you an idea of the platform (Windows, iOS, Android) you want to build your application. Ideally, your app should be able to work on all platforms. Communicate this to the development company to make sure they have the expertise to implement this for you. 

  1. Communication and your involvement 

Another important thing to agree on with the development company is the frequency of their communication with you during the development stages as well as your involvement into the process. Discuss how often the company will communicate and provide updates on the progress of your project. No matter how tempted you may be to hand over the process into the hands of developers, make sure you do get involved in the process the more the better. Your involvement is pivotal and often determines what the final product will be like.

  1. Focus on end-user experience

The technical side of application development is certainly important. However, what matters the most is how comfortable the app will be for the end-user. Your developers need to create an application that will have attractive design and will be functional and intuitive for the end-users. You may want to do a testing among your target audience to gain feedback whether the potential app is easy to use and does what it should do.

  1. Build strong relationships with development company 

Building strong business relationships is always a good idea. It is particularly true for a development company, as you want to make sure they have your back when you launch your project. Your app is a living body and will require maintenance, updates and fixing errors from time to time. Discuss with your development company how often you want them around and whether the app development fee covers these extras. As your business grows, your apps may need further development or adjustments in line with your current requirements or market changes. This is when strong business relationships will your developers comes handy to benefit your project.

At Magnise, we have the expertise to create web and mobile applications that will boost your business performance. Our developers research and analyse our client’s business before they offer a cost-effective development solution. Our tailor-made approach covers all stages of app development to create truly unique products that meet your business needs. In addition, we offer outsourcing and outstaffing models to accommodate our clients’ individual requirements.

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