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Why invest in the FinTech industry in 2022



With the breathtaking results of prior years, FinTech sphere dares for new accomplishments as time evolves. Prominent analysts expect 2022 to turn the unprecedented leader in making the fortune out FinTech realm. Though the level of competitiveness increases either so members of the race must do the utmost to follow the flow. 

Let’s outline what are the factors for Fintech sphere to benefit in 2022.

  1. Accent on decentralization

DeFi is a shortening from Decentralized Finance that exploded in the discussion of the prominent article by Harvard Business Review and indicated the upcoming tendencies in the world of finances. It determined that as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis, more and more ventures will switch to the chains providing spread-out value systems.

As it can be perceived from the very name, DeFi operates without the assistance of the central control, instead main participants are able to be in charge of the process, excluding additional members to be involved.

Proved to be the accelerator and efficiency booster, DeFi tends to get the primary position this year, as it also gives the possibility to operate any currency and almost does not have limitations. 

  1. Flow is Blockchain’s

2021 analytics showed the need to discover new approaches to the financial realm. Thus, blockchain reveals all its bonuses this year. Besides the most influenced banking companies already started to address blockchain as their main mean of operations in cryptocurrency.

Moreover, a strong emphasis on the cryptocurrency market is expected in the market. 

  1. Coordination in the Network

Current tendencies lead to the understanding that a key factor to remain competitive in the market is to create gamified and customer-friendly software. After a sequence of analytical sessions, major banks turn to alternative business partners, involving more specialists from other spheres, distinct from finances. Such partnerships result in being beneficial as they provoke the development of gamified platforms, and enjoyable products and urge clients to opt for this project. This union is beneficial for both sides – financial companies achieve their goal, startups raise investment in the development of their projects. 

  1. AI To Be Customized

Artificial intelligence opened a new direction in Fintech sphere by its ability to monitor the huge masses of data, analyze them, and single out the most important information and client’s responses. 

Fintech amplifies the scale of AI usage these days to execute deeper analyses as well as to optimize customers’ experiences, lower the expenses and predict and exclude risky outcomes. Nowadays breakthrough is the chatbots and artificial conversation with clients  being installed on the platforms. 

  1. Analytic Approach

The most fruitful way to develop the project is to undergo constant analysis in order to track its positive and negative shifts. Responsible companies pay primary importance to the development of the software on the results of analytic testing. This way, the decisions they make, prove to be precise and relevant, satisfying the needs of every customer.  

  1. Fintech Mobilized

This year’s challenge is to dwell on building a secure basis for instant payments. It seems obvious that all people prefer online transactions and are eager to have them modernized and enhanced. All the technologies like face recognition, fingerprints, etc proved to be extremely preferable by the majority of clients. Thus, the emphasis of FinTech is to establish a reliable and transparent system, boosting the rates of the users’ coverage. 

  1. Secure Wall 

Even though the popularity of digital payments evolves, the risk of fraud remains and rises as well. Notwithstanding all its advantages, it cannot provide an absolutely secure system yet. However, blockchain technologies attract more and more ventures as they claim to be stable systems due to their decentralized structure. Its revenues multiplied 8 times since last year and continue to grow. 2022 is expected to add even more acclaim to the blockchain sphere and the FinTech consequently.

  1. Fintech Robots

Not only the AI, old but gold robots are widely spread in the FinTech area and currently are applied even to a greater extent. Though it does not fulfill automated thinking processes, it holds a strong position being the best tool to perform repetitive and tiresome moves. Additionally, robots are welcomed in FinTech due to their ability to interact with customers, control security, conduct analytical and monitoring actions, and administer the platform.

To sum up, the sphere of FinTech dramatically developed last few years. Magnise experts tried to enlist in this article all the necessary information for you and to guide along with the nets of Fintech specifics. It is a proven strategy that the growth of FinTech is to happen in 2022, so we must prepare for it 

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