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What to do when launching the very first product



Have an idea for a new project or app? Do you know how to launch a very first product? The history of cool projects often begins with these questions. So, you can do it yourself. But another question arises – how many steps need to do for this. Like any other business initiative, a product launch takes time and careful planning.

Come up with a product idea

You need to create a product roadmap and analyse the idea into molecules to understand the relevance of your plan. Rushing into the digital market without a plan can catch a catastrophe. 

Do a poll

The best way to find out if your idea is relevant is to ask close friends. It is a free way to conduct marketing research. This is actually a joke. To have feedback from users, you need a quality marketing campaign. Everything you plan should be geared toward the product’s target audience. All information is valuable. Never shy away from feedback.

User requirements

You can write down all user requests after the survey. It is important to analyse all the pros and cons of the idea. Plus let’s not forget about the analysis of competitors who have already released similar products. A weak spot can be damaging for launching the very first product. 

Start development

After the above steps, you can start product development. But now we have questions. How much time did you spend on everything? OK, while it is different for every product. However, the Magnise Team can significantly reduce this time.

Magnise for launching your first product

You need to develop a launch plan with a clear strategy. Here you will not get a good result, asking only friends. Therefore, you have to create a quality MVP with a qualified team for the desired result.

Our team is ready to make the roadmap to help you properly prepare for the launch. With this Magnise map, you will succeed faster because MVP development is a reasonable and bright approach to building a successful product. As we say, MVP gives you the ability to promote your idea, validate your project with investors, get feedback from users, and test its viability in the market. 

We really give the client everything for the successful launch of the first project. Magnise Team guarantees you a product architecture, professional developers who know how to implement an idea into a competitive product, successful marketing promotion of your product, customer feedback, and more.

Real magic from Magnise

The first launch of a product really requires a lot of attention, work, and analysis. As you can see, it is hard to cope with all the challenges on your own. There are too many technical points that a qualified team will perform faster and better.

For example, in our team, a business analyst, project manager, UI/UX designer, software developer, quality assurance engineer, and marketing specialist do magical things to launch your first product. We give you everything you need to realize your brilliant idea. 

Once your MVP is up and running, you can still get Magnise Team support for your peace of mind. We can assign a support team for your project after launching too. This is important for those who are really new to the market with their product.

Users need to hear about your product

Another significant point for the first launch of the product is its promotion. And for most people, this is the trickiest part of a product launch. You can spend months developing a fantastic product and planning an amazing launch, but it won’t matter much if no one hears about it.

That’s why we include Google Ads and Social Networks activity in our MVP packages. Magnis has a team of experienced marketers working with it. You’ll get your personal marketing specialist, and you could communicate depending on your package.

Be strategic and patient

The first launch of a product does not mean the last. Not every product flies off the shelf immediately. You may need to re-work your marketing strategy and alter your price. You may need to make some re-launch because of a change in circumstances. This is regular practice before creating the final product.

It is difficult to do everything right, but if you remember Steve Jobs’ approach to a product launch, it would make it easier. No need to give up. Our team will be with you at every stage: from product creation to launch. And even more – we are in touch 24/7 during the post-delivery period. It covers communication with the client and assistance in problem-solving should this arise. 

And if launching your first product has been a daunting process, contact our team. We know how to do this job without trouble. Don’t delay! Dreams and ideas must come true with Magnise!


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