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Technical resume of 2021


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2021 was the year of combination: offline and online meetings, valuable discoveries and failures, technological progress and development. To put all these pieces together, Magnise would like to share the most significant news from the IT world with you.

What Will the Future of the Internet Look Like?

The Internet has changed and thanks to artificial intelligence, the network’s recommendations are now even better for us. If the first 20 years of the Internet were related to data (price comparisons, ticket sales, news), now there is a transformation of entire industries – TV shows (Netflix), trips (Uber), travel (Booking, Airbnb), science (Alphafold), remote work (Slack, Zoom). More about digital trends in the travel industry.

Soon, typing messages will be replaced by verbal and auditory communications, similar to what has already been introduced with Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Also, a health data revolution is coming with the emergence of wearable, constantly connected devices that collect information about our health. This information allows doctors to help us become healthier and companies to create tailored programs that accomplish this cycle.

By 2025, more than 7 billion people will own smartphones and the Internet will be part of everyone’s life. Even the poorest countries and regions will soon be covered by the Internet. The tech giants need your data, and free internet access is a great source for collecting it.

Fintech and Cryptocurrency

The pandemic has accelerated the introduction of digital money services. People want to manage their money faster, cheaper and more globally. It is not just doing money transactions sitting on a couch, but preferably, making everything within one app. Therefore, online services where there is access to many financial solutions at once are growing and companies are looking for products that can fulfil current financial technical needs. Looking for a trading software solution? Learn more

Internet of Things (IoT)

As consumers, people already are using and benefitting from IoT. The Internet of Things has already allowed devices, home appliances, cars and more to be connected to the Internet and share data. We can remotely lock the door if we forget about it when going to work and preheat the ovens on our way home from work. We are witnessing only the beginning of this new technology trend. According to forecasts, by 2030 around 50 billion of these IoT devices will be in use around the world. It creates a massive network of interconnected devices, covering everything from smartphones to kitchen appliances. If you are thinking of benefiting from IoT solutions, you’ll need qualified developers. Check out our guide on how to find the best IoT developers.

Cyber Security 

Cyber security might not seem like a trending technology, but in 2021 it has been evolving just as other technologies are. This is partly because new threats are constantly emerging. The malevolent hackers continue to find ways to get through even the toughest security measures. As long as there are cyber threats, cybersecurity will remain a trending technology. The need for proper cybersecurity is so high that the number of cybersecurity jobs is growing three times faster than other tech jobs. No matter how complex the Cyber Security industry is, it also offers lucrative six-figure incomes, and roles can vary from Ethical hacker to Chief Security Officer. This field offers a promising career path for those who want to enter and stick with this evergreen trending technology.

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  • What Will the Future of the Internet Look Like?
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