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Sprint Methodology for an MVP Development from Magnise



The world is rapidly changing, even more does the world of IT. Magnise realizes the current tendency toward accelerated product development and immediate result. That’s why we offer to our clients the technique which establishes a low-risk and high-reward process of software development — the Sprint methodology. This algorithm enables you to get your product prepared and tested among potential buyers within 5 days.

What is unique in our method? We have 3T main features:

T – Time

Our workers operate a limited time, which encourages them to do the utmost and show the most prominent results in the shortest possible period.

T – Team

Magnise team incorporates professionals from different fields. By exceptional teamwork and finding a consensus on the stumbling stones of the process, we make the most effective decisions, deliberate and approved.

T – Template

At the end of the Sprint method, you receive a working and living template, applicable for your further projects. The product of our work undergoes testing and analytics providing our clients with a stable strategy for elaborating your startup.

The Sprint Concept is counselled predominantly in namely complex stages of the startups. It should be applied when you dither on the further management of the project and the next step must be clear-cut. Seeking fast results may be the reason to choose it as well since it saves both time and effort. Another point when it is advisable to stick to this method – impelling your project to break the deadlock.

 At this point, let us introduce you to the stages of Magnise MVP development by Sprint concept:


It includes building a team of 5-7 members. On top of this we have the leader, in the power of the result of the sprint and the coordinator, responsible for managing the team and the process of the method. Each person works full-time and focuses on the main tasks of the project. This stage involves elaborating the location, usually one room, fully accommodated for productive work.


During the first day, Magnise crew together with external experts gather and conduct the brainstorming. At first, we reflect upon the future of the project, imagining its development stage from a year’s perspective. This way we outline the long term objective and elaborate on all possible problems and risks in order to exclude them. Secondly, we create the scheme visualizing the interaction between the customer and your product, including the target and people needed to meet it. Also, the experts give their opinion on the obstacles of the venture. And finally, the team speculates on the potential ways to improve it and opts for the aim of the sprint, summarizes the results of the day.


The second day is dedicated to producing ideas for your product prototype. The team presents numerous business ideas, which have been proven successful so far. Applying them as a starting point, we create unique strategies for the startup, implementing abstract ideas into the real-life framework.


Wednesday is called for generating the plan of the prototype. Primarily, the crew elicits the main idea from the previous list. It is done in four stages: voting, discussion, second voting and choosing the best idea. In the last stage the leader questions all the members about the levers of their choice in order to frame the advantages of each one. Then, we produce the storyboard of your project, containing its complete depiction and developing procedure.


The objective of the fourth day is to build the prototype. At first, we make it like a draft in a simple program, aiming to path the way of the customer. The attention is paid mainly to accessing the customers’ reactions and the potential of the project. Afterwards, the team splits according to different responsibilities, starting from the writer to the interviewer and designer. When all the stages are conducted effectively, the prototype is presented and discussed by the team.


Friday is full of interaction. During the last day, we organize 5 interviews with the potential clients. Our team observes this discussion and points out the details, problems, drawbacks or other things to be improved.

Subsequently, we assess the results of the interviews and create a list of possible upgrades. These results undergo a series of testing among our five clients until we get positive feedback with a high rate of involvement.

Thus, delegating your MVP project to Magnise team of experts gives you confidence in the agile launch of the prototype that will suit the customer needs and successfully enter the market. If you have doubts about whether to start your startup or not or if your assumptions do not seem well-grounded, contact our manager and we will help you to build a decent project in the limited time with our Sprint method.

Let’s get started!


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