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MVP development: Follow the best practises



When it comes to MVP development most people hesitate about this method and associate it with startups only. It is true that some of the largest companies today were MVP startups, but in today’s reality, the MVP is not only about startup projects. The main concept of MVP is to validate an idea for a product without building the entire product. Which means time and resources minimising. These features make an MVP a reasonable and smart approach to building a successful product.

MVP distinct characteristics:

  • It has sufficient features for the company to market it and consumers to buy the product
  • It has a feedback mechanism wherein users would be able to send their feedback about the product
  • It allows faster market entry with minimal resources
  • It helps test the usage scenario and make changes to the final product.
  • It builds customer relationships
  • It opens the door for early funding

In our past article we shed light on how you can turn your idea into a product launch with the help of MVP development. Today we are going to view the MVP development process from Magnise perspective.

What’s Magnise MVP? Imagine a classic burger: its receipt is simple, with regular ingredients and already familiar taste. That is our first MVP package which has basic features, reasonable price and the fastest market entry.

That’s all great when you need a very basic product, but what if you want to try chicken or veggie burgers. This is our second MVP pack – with advanced functionalities and design, and core features.

If you are a gourmand and love choice and delicacy in matters of eating, we have a third MPV package. It provides a polished design with brand development if needed, full-cycle product development, and even more core features.

How does mvp with magnise work?

Business analysis

At Magnise, we do business analysis using our unique Sprint methodology that takes five days. During those five days, we analyze the business idea, define key product features, do professional analysis of the competitors and collect feedback from potential customers based on the tangible product prototype of the future project.

That is right! A complete business analysis in 5 days.

Work directly with the project manager

Based on the business analysis, our Project Manager defines key functionality of the future product using special prioritization techniques.

The Product Owner determines the number of basic features and chooses the right MVP package, so he can solely focus on the product development leaving micro-processes to other team members.


During the process of building an MVP, we analyze the product from the end users’ perspective and develop an intuitive and user-friendly UX. A professional designer prepares the layouts and visual elements of the product following the defined technical tasks.


No code just for code. We are particularly proud of our team of developers. With over 16 years on the market, Magnise can successfully deliver a development project of any degree of complexity.


At Magnise, we have a strict focus on quality source code and product compliance. We perform both manual and automated software development testing across multiple platforms and operating systems to make sure our products meet all functional and operational requirements. If errors are detected, the product is sent for improvement and additional round of testing.


Once the development phase is completed, the development team arranges product handover to the owner (uploads it to the servers) and ensures smooth performance.

Post-delivery support

The duration of post-delivery support varies based on the chosen MVP package. The post-delivery support covers communication with the client and assistance in problem solving should this arise.

Magnise Minimum Viable Product has the following benefits:

  • The fastest market entry. The Magnise team can build an MVP within 4 weeks.
  • Niche analysis and strategies to build your business model
  • Fixed-price contract.
  • Three options to develop your Software Product from scratch.
  • A complex offer that includes: product vision, product architecture, specifications and roadmap.
  • Marketing strategies for product implementation on the market.

The main goal of MVP is to solve users’ core problems and, depending on them, offer viable solutions. You can surely develop a final product and hope that it’ll hit the market. Or you can build an MVP that helps to validate market demand, analyse user behaviour and study user preferences. All these together maximise your product results.

If you’re interested in developing your MVP with Magnise or have any other questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Magnise would be happy to turn your idea into reality.


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