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Dedicated Team for your Fintech project: how to choose?



Finding the right technical partner for your financial software development requirements could be a bit challenging at first. The world of financial technologies generally requires a different approach to work. This is about employees’ high qualifications and understanding of the level of responsibility. However, thanks to the cool experts’ work, the whole process can become flawless.

A Dedicated Team can really solve your financial software development problems. However, such business owners often have a question. What skills should a team of developers working with fintech projects possess? How to check their reliability and quality? 

Perfect skills

Primarily, a successful financial software development business should have the appropriate skills. In addition, your service provider should have qualified workers and certified software developers. In short, the Team has to write error-free, clean codes to support a mobile financial system.

That’s why before starting cooperation, you must make certain that employees know exactly what JavaScript, .Net, Python, Java is.

The ability to organize work

The size of the dedicated software development team depends on the volume or stages of work. However, there must be a high organization of the work process within the team. The speed of task execution depends on this. 

Your software distributors must have an effective hiring process to hire top candidates to work on your fintech project. Every developer should be familiar with the basics of the financial industry. For example, we have delivered FinTech software development services for over 15 years in Magnise. We work with established companies and startups. So our developers have come a long way in improving their skills. And the work organization process is always adjusted to your requirements and needs. That’s why you get a DT that works like clockwork.

Modern examples of fintech developments

A qualified fintech team of developers must know all the modern chips and the latest developments for the financial sector. It is about something like Blockchain, Trading, Securities, Banking, modern Payment Processing, E-Wallets, or Money Transfers. 

That’s why when you select a financial software development service, never be afraid to look at the portfolio to see what sorts of products the Team has previously worked on. Pay special attention to whether the developers have worked on projects that are similar to yours. Moreover, engineers have to come up with new ideas based on the experience of past projects. It’s great when the Dedicated Team makes each new work better than the previous one. Therefore, our Magnise software specialists use the latest software development tools and methods to build truly breakthrough products for our clients.

Reliable partnership

Since fintech projects are long-term relationships, you and the Team should have professional partnership agreements. Make sure the software distributor is willing to work on your terms before you sign and seal the contract. 

In Magnise we are in favor of a long-term partnership to provide maximum support with creation and launch of the final product for you. Therefore, providing world-class software development expertise and consulting services is our core service offering. We build strong relationships with clients that last for decades. 

We understand how important reliability is when it comes to fintech projects for banks or financial firms. 

Technical skills

Good news, you do not have to be tech-savvy to hire cool fintech developers. Of course, if you are the owner of a small fintech business, then you definitely have a basic level of understanding of the financial sphere. However, a good service provider will select a development team according to your request.

Well, okay, the Team must be able to do everything cool, fast, and high-quality: from design to SEO, from coding to marketing strategy, and so on.

And last, set your project expectations.

This point should probably come first, but it’s worth thinking about at the end. You won’t be able to recruit software engineers who will produce the results you want if you don’t know what those results are. So, start with a clear vision of your fintech product, and an experienced vendor will help you realize it very easily. 


Our slogan is simple: companies that want to efficiently allocate their resources and adapt to the new rules of financial markets should hire a dedicated team. And we understand that for most fin business owners, choosing employees is a real challenge. But we really hope our article helped you understand which Team you want to work with. You must know that we are ready to implement any of your fintech solutions because in Magnise we have everything you need for your project.

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