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Security Awareness Training: Why Is It Important



Data security has never been more relevant for businesses. The increase of services provided remotely through apps, networks, and websites made data protection an important issue. Due to data breaches caused by cyberattacks, companies lose billions of dollars annually, let alone face reputational risks and legal liabilities.

The lion’s share of data breaches occur as result of human error. Therefore, the importance of running a security awareness training has become obvious for many companies. Yet, not all businesses have felt the relevance of running a dedicated training to teach their staff security measures.

With this article, we will try to explain the benefits that security awareness training gives and help businesses stay one-step ahead in protecting their data.

Security awareness training is a set of measures aimed at providing IT professionals with tools that prevent and reduce data breach risks. This type of training helps employees understand their role in fighting data breach, teaches them to keep the information environment safe, evaluate risks that are associated with their daily actions and identify attempts of cyberattacks.

Let us break down what security awareness training does to a company.

  1. Prevents cyberattacks and data breaches

Primarily, security awareness training helps to prevent data breaches and cyberattacks. It is hard to give quantitative evaluation of security awareness training effectiveness. However, running a comparison before and after security awareness training in a company, will give a clearer picture of how successful these measures are. Another proof-point is that the cost of security awareness training is just a fraction of what the company may have to pay by falling victim of a cyberattack.

  1. Builds data security culture

Similar to the idea of corporate culture, building data security culture on all levels of organisation should be on every company’s agenda. Understanding and sharing security values are important to maintain safe environment in the company. Giving situational examples helps employees to see what potential hazards may look like while they perform their daily functions. In addition, building security culture reduces human error and raises risks awareness.

  1. Uses technological solutions more effectively

There is a number of technological security solutions that protect company’s data. Nevertheless, often it is a matter of people to use them correctly or remember to use them at all. Employees need to learn how to read the security warnings, turn firewall on and update software where necessary. Technological security solutions are an effective tool against data breach and attacks, but they cannot display their full potential without human input.

  1. Gives customers peace of mind

Customers get increasingly concerned about privacy and safety of their data. Knowing that a company takes additional measures to improve data security makes customers trust the company more and stay loyal. In contrast with this, two out of three customers are unlikely to do business with a company that had experienced cyberattacks in the past. So investing into security awareness training will give a significant return on clients’ retention.

  1. Contributes to compliance

As data protection becomes a legal requirement in many countries, complying with data protection regulations is an important part of business performance. Of course, security awareness training should be implemented holistically, not just for the sake of meeting compliance requirements.

  1. Builds social responsibility

The moment an app, a network or a system experiences cyberattack, other related parties may automatically face the risk of external intrusion. Therefore, the company is indirectly responsible for the safety of third party data. Running a security awareness training benefits the safety of data for your company and your customers and suppliers as well.

  1. Improves your employees’ wellbeing

Knowing what to do to avoid cyberattack both at work and at home enables employees to feel more confident and happy. The win-win effect of security awareness training is obvious and yet again emphasises the benefits of the training.

Here at Magnise, we put our customers’ data security first. Remember, when a company delays a little too long with raising awareness and teaching its staff security measures to protect data, the company may face serious risks. We are happy to guide you through steps to improve information security in your business. Get in touch to find out more.


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