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Case Study: Logistics Cross-Platform Software for Warehouse Optimization


#App Development

Client profile

Our client is a company who is using AI for optimization and controlling material flows of the warehouses, which allows keeping the logistics performance always high.



Our client has an MVP of their software which has a lot of issues: 

  • Technical stack which doesn’t allow running the app on target platforms.
  • Lack of UI/UX design.
  • Poor architecture doesn’t allow for connecting the target number of warehouses.

They need an experienced vendor to solve the issues: 

  • Build UI/UX design for different types of screens (mobile, desktop, web) and users (warehouse employers, managers of different levels, system administrators, etc.)
  • Choose the right technical stack which should allow to run the software on different environments: from big warehouse monitors to mobile devices or scanners. 
  • Build scalable and robust architecture which allows to connect with different warehouses and handle data streams from different ERP systems.


The client was looking for a technical partner that could work fast while keeping the quality at the highest possible level. 



To address the challenge Magnise team came up with full-cycle development, which includes product UI/UX design and style guides, business analysis, data science, software architecture, software development, and quality assurance. 


Featured products delivered by Magnise are:


Unique UI/UX design and identity – Magnise product design service helped to define a unique product vision and roadmap, which was converted to comprehensive product design and allowed our customer to achieve their business goals. 

Backend – a software module that connects to an arbitrary warehouse management system (WMS) and serves all components (mobile and desktop applications, dashboards, and websites). All orders and data about the daily business are processed by the backend and then converted to various KPIs and metrics, which can be used in the applications for process optimizations.  

Warehouse optimization desktop apps – the set of tools for integrated logistics and capacity planning, which plans and controls the material flow with artificial intelligence. 

Admin portal – web management system which allows managing warehouses, users, and access levels to different parts of the applications. 

Mobile app – the mobile app, created by Magnise team from scratch, provides different information about your locations, warehouses, and KPIs. Also, it includes an integrated messaging system that informs you about bottlenecks before they arise. It is created for different user roles, such as operating managers, warehouse managers, or runners. 

Live dashboards – a set of tools for the visualizations of the supply chain with various KPIs which can be mounted inside the warehouse and updated in real-time. Such dashboards are able to tell you about potential problems ahead of time, so you have a chance to react before negative effects happen. 

Technologies and Tools 

Flutter, Java, PostgreSQL, WebSocket, Swagger, Angular. 



Our team developed a reliable platform; it handles high loads and big data packages, proposed technology stack allowed to reuse of different widgets and KPIs over various platforms (desktop, web, and mobile), which significantly decreased the budgets for development and support.

Our client enhanced its brand recognition with a fresh and consistent UI/UX design, provided for all consumer touchpoints.


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