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Case study: Investment App for investors to manage and track their investments



Cross-platform investment tracker mobile app, which allows investors to facilitate easy and real-time portfolio monitoring and planning.

Client profile

The client is an innovative technology software provider with a leading expert professional services business. The company delivers innovative and sustainable technology solutions to the capital markets, treasury, and wealth management industries.


Our team was aimed to provide an interactive but easy-to-use mobile investments app to break down barriers and open stock market investing for both beginners and experienced investors.


The app should include the following features:

  • Client onboarding
  • Easy management of stocks
  • Tracking the performance of stocks
  • Data on returns and percentage weight
  • Interactive charts
  • Highest security level


UI/UX Design

Magnise company initiated the project with a product design workshop. Based on a client’s draft wireframes and overall ideas, our team prepared the fork flow of the app and its functionality. After our client’s confirmation, we started to elaborate on the UX/UI design. Building UX/UI design for track investment app is a big challenge. You must conduct deep research, talk to users and client, brainstorm, do testing, meet legal compliance, and still be adaptive to change.

As a result, we come with a simple but pleasant design that helps the user to accomplish their goals.

Technology stack

We build the application with a scalable architecture that can handle high data loads, ensured high performance and perfect data security. The technology we use for the development includes:

  • Hosted in Amazon EC2 Instances
  • iOS and Android: Flutter
  • Backend: Node.js
  • Database: PostgreSQL

Our client had a strict deadline of 2 months to release the first version of a mobile app, so considering everything, we proactively suggested Flutter technology as the main stack for mobile application development.  We had 2 years of experience with Flutter at that time, and we knew that apps built on Flutter usually take 30-50% less time to develop features in either iOS or Android apps.

Core features and functionalities

Sign in – we designed sign-in system by using biometric authentication.

Onboarding – is an introductory guide for a newcomer user, which includes KYC and AML procedures and banking account opening.

The trading screen (Home screen) – In home screen user can view his watchlist and view all different stocks. With the help of search, we can easily find out whichever stock you want with filter feature. Once you choose the stock, you can Buy or Sell the stock. With our feature, you can check all about stock performance.

Account – overview of client’s total balance, earnings, net deposits, and many more – all gathered here.  The client can track how their portfolio performs in many different charts.

Profile and Settings – in this screen you can see all account information and manage app settings.


Our team successfully developed and delivered the mobile app and met client’s deadline. The app has a great user experience with minimalist graphics but powerful functions, which is confirmed by both beginners and professional investors.


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  • Client profile
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results

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