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TradersYard: First Social Network in the world for financial and currency traders and brokers

Magnise played a key role in building the world’s first social network for financial and currency traders. TradersYard combines a web-based social media network for traders, with a collaborative online conference environment

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Customer Profile


AgenaTrader is a U.S.-based company responsible for a multi-asset class and multi-connectivity trading platform. AgenaTrader includes multiple products with diverse functionality. AgenaTrader Mercury supports traders who want more anonymity and discretion. AgenaTrader Neptune provides a Multi-Brokerage Version that allows brokers to diversify their accounts to all the brokers they can find in the AgenaTrader broker list. AgenaTrader-Andromeda includes advanced functionality for risk-managed semi-automated trading.


AgenaTrader is focusing its attention on a unique aspect of the decision-making process in trading. Magnise is a long-term partner and has contributed to the continued development of the AgenaTrader platform, worked with them to create more value for their customers, with a web-based social trader network to support the creation of virtual trading rooms across the world.


Project Implementation


  • System Architecture
  • Desktop Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Post-Delivery Support


Supported by in-depth market analysis and a robust R&D process, the Magnise team succeeded in creating a web-based social trader network combined with an online conferencing environment. TradersYard is an innovative open social trader network, within which traders can easily find other traders that share similar ideas and processes, with an unrestricted ability to collaborate in real-time, share data and analysis.

Along with the standard function of a forum, TradersYard empowers users to leverage the most advanced features of the social network platforms, such as chats, posts & an ability to create public, protected and private groups where the owners can decide who will be able to participate. The network is available for trade sharing, copy trading, and other social trading concepts.

The most significant added value we delivered with TradersYard is the integration with conferencing environments, which offers audio/video/desktop streaming. This functionality enables the creation of virtual trader offices, in which traders can meet each other online to share ideas, analysis, and even trades.

Value for business & ecosystem
Creating favorable conditions for B2B communication, sharing knowledge & ideas, building community
A single gateway for traders to negotiate on a deal as well as to process it thanks to rich online conferencing functionality
A White Label solution for brokers & investors wanting to set up their own social platform or a conferencing system

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