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Modern Project Management & B2B Collaboration System

We worked hard to create an Enterprise software solution that integrates tools from 3 stand-alone industries: online communication, project management, and B2B eCommerce

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Customer Profile


Our customer is a dedicated provider of Enterprise solutions designed to connect businesses through building trust and clarity. Tasx is a software product company developing business process management systems for B2B customers worldwide.


The most crucial problem our customer wanted to solve is the huge communication gap emerging between teams & separate team members. At times this communication gap and a lack of understanding and clarity can cause projects to collapse.

Our other core goal was to develop a system that would more effectively support communications that would improve clarity and accuracy. In project management and B2B communications accuracy is key as subjects are often multi-layered and complex, so our solution had no excuse to omit details.

Project Implementation

  • Research & Analysis
  • Web Development
  • System Architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • Back-End Development
  • Mobile Development


Tasx is a robust and user-friendly tool for project managers and the teams they manage, plus other stakeholders and external contractors. It is designed to streamline online communication for every participant in projects that need careful management.

Tasx will encourage you to delete over 7 different business applications from your laptop, switching to this to manage everything: synchronized communication, CRM integration, invoicing, file exchanges, a calendar, analytics dashboards, and a knowledge database.

As a helpful assistant in business collaboration with partners, Tasx stays fully responsible for securing your sensitive data & making data-based decisions. The system is also very handy for strategic planning through smart iterations of planned issues, interactive visualization of project status, results, objects type configuration, custom objects, and workflow creation.

Technology we used:

Business Benefits

Ultimate flexible management with a wide range of customization options

Highly secure communications and encrypted software

Highly reliable & efficient tool for starting & managing Business Deals

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