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Online Data Monitoring & Analytics System To Support Social Media Brand And Reputation Management

Magnise developed an AI-powered solution to monitor news and social media for keywords and phrases to protect the brand reputation of Alphateka clients.

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Client profile

Alphateka is a software company that delivers innovative solutions for business owners, marketing & PR professionals. The software we developed for them supports managers to proactively monitor online personal and business reputations, through analysis and analytics, to prevent any potential brand or reputational damage.


Technology stack


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Alphateka is an innovative, AI-driven online data monitoring
& analytics system.

Alphateka is a SaaS-based solution that gives business control over reputational risks, protecting brands and business leaders. The tool monitors all existing social media platforms, as well as media platforms in real-time, sending PR teams instant notifications to any mentions online or in the news.

The system is completely customizable for your business needs, so you can add any media platforms or sites you want monitoring. PR teams and other users receive detailed reports that include statistics & analytical graphs, with accurate filtering that can be applied to receive only the most relevant results.

Alphateka makes online monitoring easier.

Core features and functionalities

Research & Analysis

Web Development

System Architecture

UI/UX Design

Back-End Development

Quality Assurance

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Due to AI usage & rational resources allocation, Alphateka offers competitive price. Fully customizable & flexible solution is capable of meeting any business needs. You are tuned for news 24/7, so you can easily respond to any business attack.