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Crypto wallets integrated with IoT devices to support M2M economy

Magnise worked on and successfully developed a complex IoT concept for the IOTA Foundation to facilitate direct payments between IoT devices

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Client profile

Magnise took on the project for The IOTA Foundation – a forward-thinking foundation in Germany, focusing on the development of next generation protocols for the connected world. The IOTA Foundation wants to achieve its vision to create the true Internet of Things through the Machine Economy.


Imagine separate IoT devices taking total control over their wallets by facilitating free data exchange & direct payments between devices? This is a crucial step towards creating a fully-fledged M2M economy. And this is one of the biggest challenges the Magnise team has ever stepped up to meet.

Technology stack


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The Proof of Concept is opensource, so the business can easily apply it to start the project in any industry containing MCU driven devices

Developers can be driven by reference PoC categories to implement their ideas with only a few base-code modifications

Simplistic Proof of Concept can be quickly utilized & extended by other developers to bring new drive into the ecosystem

Core features and functionalities

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Creating multiple MCU-driven wallets is the first step in a complicated multi-stageproject. The project drives the following extensions: Building data processing chains that provide a transaction flow schema; Enabling subscription-based payments between interconnected MCU devices without a permanent Internet connection; Ensuring access to any public node via Internet-enabled API’s with only one actor enabling WiFi; Secure interconnection via long-range protocols with data and value exchange.