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Comprehensive CRM for Beauty Industry to increase customer loyalty and retention

Magnise designed and built a fully-functional turnkey CRM to automate customer relationship management in the beauty industry. CRMs are useful for improving customer retention and loyalty, and this custom-built solution is tailored around the unique needs of beauty sector companies and customers.

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Client profile

Eservia is an Eastern European technology company that delivers innovative cloud-based CRM & Mobile Solutions for service industries, to automate business processes & streamline B2C communication in the SMB market.


Our customer asked us to develop a highly-functional CRM system comprising both customer communication & enterprise management features. He was keen to have a cloud-based solution that streamlined business operational management and made that possible using a smartphone.

We were also tasked with creating marketplace for the beauty industry, bringing together beauty service vendors to empower users choosing any salon they want, booking any professional they want, and scheduling according to their preferences. All of this was to be delivered through a few clicks on a smartphone.

Technology stack


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Magnise managed to design and build a comprehensive multi-module CRM software for owners & managers in the beauty sector.

With this CRM, users can automate & streamline the following processes: 24/7 online booking, appointment book management, customer database management, promotion & marketing, analytics & statistics, inventory management, and financial tracking.

For consumers across the beauty industry, we created Mobile App — an Amazon Marketplace for beauty — which includes information on beauty salons that can be filtered according to location, services provided, price range, ratings, etc.

Customers can also book beauty procedures 24/7, view appointment history, deposit balance, and discounts on a real-time basis. Everything in one place, on one app.

Core features and functionalities

Research & Analysis

Web Development

System Architecture

UI/UX Design

Back-End Development

Mobile Development

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Fully customizable software easily applicable to any type of service business. Digital Platform with Beauty Vendors providing a full range of services for users. CRM system automating all aspects of your beauty business in full.