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How We Provide Custom Trading Software Development


#Custom Software Development
Trading software development becomes one of the very powerful driving factors in the world economy. This can be explained by the fact that it is based on the very strong analytical and mathematical models and approaches that allow predicting financial outcomes. Having these tools help analysts and brokers who work in the finance industry achieve results that are more accurate.

Trading software provides multiple tools for working with financial data and futures and options market. This includes:
– Infographics that arrange financial data into visuals that are easy to read;
– Mobile and cloud technologies that can easily synchronise with the data on your computer;
– Large volumes of data that can be processed effortlessly and include every little specifics, including weather conditions, to calculate your financial results correctly;
– Transaction frequency saves time and allows seeing online trading activity and ever changing exchange rates.

Finance sector along with the rest of the world expands to mobile platforms. With increasing number of smartphone users, mobile trading terminal is in great demand. The variety of online trading classes available in the internet is impressive. So, we expect more users to express interest in mobile trading terminals. Available for iOS and Android, they offer excellent performance and great user experience.

The key benefits of mobile trading terminals are:
– They are customisable, quick to implement, responsive to market, easy to integrate with both the company’s CRM systems, accounts, market data and third parties, like payment providers etc.;
– They can be unique in design, adapted to requirements in your region;
– They are user friendly for both experienced traders and beginners offering analysis and drawing tools, alerts, push notifications and many more.
Mobile trading terminals are designed to withstand poor data exchange caused by low connectivity. They allow easy switching between networks and ensure there are no delays in receiving data, which is important when you work with time sensitive information.

Trading focuses around data analysis. We provide solutions that enable processing large volumes of data and configure it in a visually easy to digest form.
Creating a trading software that is fast, accurate and responsive to changes is something that we, at Magnise, do. It requires thorough analysis, a team of dedicated professionals and the expertise that we possess to perform projects of this level.

When we develop a trading software, you will be able to perform the following activities:
– Making transactions, searching for quotes and follow your orders. All this is available in real time;
– Making analysis and following trading trends using infographics;
– Prepare analytical reports for your investors;
– Making analysis of the trading system performance and efficiency based on the past periods;
– Testing the software in action without making the actual bids and putting your money at risk.

Having these tools in place makes trading software very popular among experienced traders as well as newbies. Before developing a software to ensure better experience in the future, our customers need to decide what features they require. Based on this information we will be able to develop a product that fits your business needs and your level of proficiency with a software of this kind. Here at Magnise we provide a wide range of services from design and software development to testing and service maintenance.
You do not need to do everything yourself. We will be happy to create a white label product that your business can benefit from.

At Magnise, we apply agile methodology when we develop trading software. We offer weekly project plans to ensure we meet the set targets. This allows our customers staying on track with the product development and eases communication process. Our customers have access to all the tools we develop and can test how they work to ensure they get exactly what they need. We build MVP (minimum viable product) that allows testing the basic features and receive customers’ feedback to make improvements. Furthermore, as we develop a product that has basic features, we can custom make widgets that are specifically tailored to your business needs.

We assign a dedicated Project manager for every project and provide our customers an opportunity to choose the right candidate from a list of professionals working with us. We carefully select front-end and back-end developers who have proven experience working with similar products to maximise the results. The QA and trading software testing stages are just as important, and we appoint experienced quality managers and testers to check excellent software performance for the end-users.

We are always open to new ideas and will be at hand to implement them for our customers.
Get in touch to hear how we can help develop your ideas into a unique trading software.


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